Paper padding, packing paper

Torn open, crushed, full of dents... accidents involving packages happen despite the best precautions. Nothing is worse than harming the first impression – along with the package. Protecting and securing goods reliably is top priority in the mail order industry. Just as well that we have products on offer that provide this reliability and ensure the very best delivery outcome.

Packing paper and corrugated cardboard rolls: easy on the environment and on accounts

When it comes to packaging and padding, if you want to keep things straightforward, fast and environmentally friendly, then packing paper and corrugated cardboard are the best choice. After all, these traditional materials are robust, versatile and, in times of ecological awareness, more popular than ever. And rightly so.

What can you pack, protect and ship with packing paper and corrugated cardboard?

Among all the different packaging materials, packing paper and corrugated cardboard play such an important role because of their suitability for padding and protecting most goods that are typically shipped in cardboard boxes.

Packing paper is both very stable and highly flexible at the same time. It can be used to protect a wide range of products and surfaces from dirt and, when slightly crumpled, can replace the bubble wrap otherwise used for many products. Rolled into round tubes, it provides a good buffer for products already packed in their own boxes and which are being placed in a larger shipping carton box for transport – for example, because smaller packs containing accessories are being included in the shipment.

Rolled corrugated cardboard is a very environmentally friendly alternative to air cushions or other materials that are used to pad out larger cavities, or which are used to maintain spaces between items and to keep them separate. Due to its special surface, the cardboard provides functional shock absorption and is almost as flexible to use as packing paper.

How can packing paper and corrugated cardboard be used again and again?

Before this packaging material is put out with the other materials for recycling, it can be used several times without any problems – as long as it is clean and intact.

There are any number of tips telling recipients how to continue using packing paper for jobs in the household. Why not steer your customers’ attention to this? This demonstrates your environmental awareness – a brand value that is becoming increasingly important for many demographics.

You can also demonstrate your sustainability in the B2B sector by encouraging corporate clients to reuse the paper their purchases were packed in for shipments of their own – and, of course, to do the same thing yourself. Make this especially easy for your B2B partners by using adhesive tapes in moderation and opting for easily removable products.

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