Industrial matting

Hit the mat – well, the industrial matting. Hard to believe all the advantages this product offers: more safety, more ergonomics, more movement. And best of all: you can choose the exact industrial mat to suit your requirements and floor conditions – we've got them!

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Industrial matting – ergonomics and safety at the workplace
No workplace should lack industrial matting – after all, the employees spend the majority of their time at work standing on it. There are many good reasons for this: blood circulation in the legs and back muscles is promoted by the deep foam matting or profiled surfaces, as the employees remain in constant motion due to the soft surface to stand on. At the same time, ergonomic industrial matting prevents fatigue setting in too fast. The profiled surfaces also provide protection against dangerous accidents due to slipping. The right use of industrial matting can therefore help prevent any number of days off due to illness caused by back problems or accidents at work. While ergonomics in the workplace and the prevention of accidents are the main objectives that can be achieved using industrial matting, it also has a range of other functions that are described in our floor matting product guide. For specific workplaces, there are special functions to ensure you purchase the floor matting online that best does justice to your requirements. Along with these mats, you will also find special products such as this self adhesive non-slip tape, which also help prevent accidents.

A variety of different types of industrial matting for standing at workstations
The different types of industrial matting from our webshop can be used for every standing workstation and have many other positive attributes. A floor mat with a perforated surface provides an outstanding drainage effect at oily or wet workplaces. Because liquids can drain off, using these industrial mats will also help prevent accidents due to slipping. We also have workplace mats in our product range with a closed surface which are resistant to most oils, greases and chemicals. Plastic floor tiles are particularly suitable for use as a surface that can be driven over with, in part, heavy transport equipment. Other special surface coatings are, for example, suitable for welding workstations or for assembly workstations, at which static charges need to be prevented. Our online product range also includes wet room matting and entrance matting to choose from. Most of the industrial matting is also available by the metre, and is cut to size specifically for your workplace. Floor mats by the metre allow a production unit to be decked out perfectly. Our web shop is sure to have industrial matting for your individual requirements as well. Our floor matting product guide, or our staff, will be happy to help with your selection by providing expert advice.