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Even at the ESD workplace, it's the details that make the difference. You can only guarantee real protection against unwanted discharges when ESD accessories are used.

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ESD accessories in the workplace – the difference between good and perfect protection

You have configured your ESD workstation exactly, but uncontrolled discharges are still occurring? Take a very close look! ESD accessories provide essential elements for your EPA area and take care of details that sometimes provide a great deal of protection.

What are the key ESD accessories?

Every professional knows which typical sources of unwanted electrostatic discharges exist at the ESD workstation: personnel, equipment, work tools and transport equipment. There are ESD accessories that not only increase protection from each of these source, but in some cases even make this protection possible in the first place.

In addition to the required ESD work clothing, every employee should wear an ESD wrist strap. It connects the wearer to earth. ESD-compliant work shoes or a practical heel strap should be used for the feet.

ESD chairs and ESD desks as standard models do not necessarily satisfy all your needs at the ESD workstation. Additional elements such as shelves or perforated plates can, however, cater to every requirement. When it comes to the storage and transport of your components, ESD storage bins are the best option – including the appropriate ESD accessories such as hinged lids or covers.

Earthing plugs are the most important connection between an earth conductor and the any floor matting required, without which an EPA – i.e. an electrostatic protected area – will not receive an approval in the first place.

In addition, we can offer you work equipment such as ESD-compliant industrial scales and everything that reliably prevents sparks from flying around.

What should I be aware of in regard to ESD accessories?

All your EPA equipment, from ESD shelving systems to ESD transport devices, must be regularly checked to ensure that it can be used in compliance with standards. ESD accessories, in the best case scenario, will save you from having to buy a whole lot of new equipment. As soon as the discharge capacity decreases, replacement is the only way to go.

Even though ESD accessories are essential, correct conduct in this specific area of the company offers the greatest protection against unwanted potential equalisation of all. All of this is a good reason to provide your staff with training and raise their awareness of the essential details, such as wearing the ESD wrist strap.

If you would like to learn more about ESD, EPA and the principles of electrostatic charges, take a look at our ESD product guide: Protection from damaging discharges.