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Room for absolutely everything: files, folders, documents... office shelving units or everything you need to keep an eye on. This is why you will find office shelving units with different dimensions, shelf depths, colour hues and materials right here. This ensures you can choose the right one for the way you organise your work.

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Office shelving units and bookcases: Finding things quickly means working at an optimal pace!

It's often the little things that turn a practically furnished office into an optimally equipped office. In this case, the little thing is doors. Because office shelving units and side shelving units don't feature them, employees only need to take one look before reaching in for whatever they need to do their job. We're happy to tell you when open office shelving units are a better choice than the traditional cupboard.

When should I give preference to office shelving units and bookcases, and when should I choose a cupboard?

When making a decision about whether to choose shelving systems or cupboards, the same questions arise again and again – regardless of whether you're looking for office furniture or configuring a workshop and warehouse:

  • What do I want to store in it?

  • Who needs to access the content, and how often?

  • How much space is available?

In an office, it's the most frequently used files and documents that should be placed in the office shelving unit – as long as leaving them accessible to everyone doesn't bring problems with data protection or security. If that's the case, then (lockable) cupboards are a better choice.

A bookcases, in contrast, always offers the advantage of not having to factor in the swing radius of doors when taking measurements. This is particularly beneficial for small office floor plans that still need to satisfy the ergonomic guidelines for occupational health and safety.

One important feature of an attractive work environment that promotes concentration is a certain visual calm of the surroundings, punctuated by a dash of colour.

Office shelving units and side shelving units are able to provide this when you decide to use colour-coded file folders that, together with the odd decorative object, become a sight that gives employees a sense of organisation and oversight.

On the other hand, this also means that any particularly small and visually disturbing elements, such as typical office supplies, are best stored in cupboards – or be put in decorative boxes in the shelving unit.

Your office is in the best hands at KAISER+KRAFT

From furniture series to office equipment and office supplies, KAISER+KRAFT has everything you need to equip your office perfectly.

And our range of services makes it even easier for you to bring your office furniture project to a satisfying conclusion. You can, for example, place an order with our assembly service, which will set up the shelving units, fasten them in place and align them. Furthermore, our service partners will take all the packaging with them again. Do you have questions concerning our assembly service or our products? Then feel free to contact us.

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