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Particularly hungry for dust, dirt and liquids: industrial vacuum cleaners are hardwearing cleaning devices for commercial use. Discover the different industrial vacuum cleaner models at kaiserkraft – from high performance wet and dry vacuum cleaners to compact workshop and fine dust vacuum cleaners, or reliable vacuum cleaners for daily use in the office.

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    Industrial vacuum cleaners for professional use

    Industrial vacuum cleaners are versatile and much more powerful than vacuum cleaners for home use. They not only collect dirt and dust from carpets and hard floors, but also vacuum up construction debris. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also suction up liquids. Once the maximum intake capacity is reached, the devices switch off automatically. The combined models are easy to switch over from dry to wet operation.

    The advantages of industrial vacuum cleaners:

    • Suitable for large and very dirty surfaces

    • Hardwearing, high quality and suitable for intensive continuous use

    • Special filters offer a better cleaning outcome

    • Manoeuvrable due to smooth running castors, longer cables and hoses

    • HEPA filters are used to filter harmful fine dust out of the air

    Which industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for which use?

    Depending on what they are being used for, different vacuum cleaner models will be the right choice. In principle, a distinction is made between wet vacuum cleaners, dry vacuum cleaners and combination vacuum cleaners. While wet vacuum cleaners are primarily used in commercial and workshop environments, handy dry vacuums are primarily used to keep office floors clean.

    When it comes to ash and other fine dusts, you’ll need an industrial vacuum cleaner with a large filter surface, a high filter separation capacity, and special filters if hazardous or explosive mixtures of dust are to be collected. If you want to vacuum up coarse dirt, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner with a large collection capacity. Wet vacuum cleaners for liquids, on the other hand, are designed for either neutral liquids, or liquids containing chemicals or oil. Special vacuum cleaners for shavings can collect both chips and liquids. They are particularly well suited for use as workshop vacuum cleaners.

    There are special industrial vacuum cleaners for hazardous waste materials, which are known as safety vacuum cleaners, and which are classified by dust class in accordance with EN 60335-2-69:

    • Dust class M: wood, ceramics, plastics, paints, manganese

    • Dust class L: plaster, lime, ceramics

    • Dust class H: carcinogenic and contaminated dirt such as asbestos, lead, nickel, quartz, mould or tar

    In our Information on vacuum cleaner selection and dust categories, you’ll find detailed information on how to choose the right appliance.

    We would be happy to advise you personally on our industrial vacuum cleaners from renowned brands such as Starmix. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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