Sack trucks

Sack trucks are good at carting things away, as you can imagine. In reality, they are multi-talents that make many jobs much easier. Carrying heavy objects, for example. They transport washing machines or fridges, packages, drink crates, moving boxes, tyres, grocery boxes and so on and so forth... the possibilities are endless.

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Heavy Duty Sack trucks – different versions with limitless talents

Sack trucks, transport trucks, stacking trucks – this classic item of transport equipment has almost as many names as areas of use. But what actually makes it so indispensable, and what distinguishes one trolley from another?

Why sack trucks are so practical

Work equals force times distance. This equation forms the basis for the principle of leverage. It also describes why you can easily lift and transport refrigerators using sack trucks – without calling for help, spending years building up muscles, or suffering a slipped disc afterwards.

Sack trucks are easy to operate, can be stored in a space-saving manner and can be used for all sorts of different goods for transport.

From moving premises to parcel transport: this is what sack trucks can be used for

Fast delivery of three stacking boxes to the building next door, loading a refrigerator into a van, or bringing packages to the front door? This won't be a problem with the right sack truck. Whether square, round or cylindrical, heavy or light in weight, a good sack truck can transports a lot of different types of equipment. Nonetheless, not every truck is equally suitable for every type of transport.

Folding or not – there are differences

At first glance, one looks like the other. But the differences become apparent at the latest during the first use. At kaiserkraft, you will find sack trucks in different designs from brands such as EUROKRAFTbasic or EUROKRAFTpro. Which one is most suitable for you depends on what you want to transport to where:

  • Anyone pushing engine blocks or other heavyweight items around is best equipped with solid sack trucks made of steel or aluminium. These can carry up to 400 kilograms.

  • Would you prefer something small and easy to use? Folding sack trucks fit into any luggage compartment and are still incredibly powerful. This pays off at events, trade fairs or when moving premises. Only when carrying out transport over stairs is the load capacity reduced by about half.

  • Speaking of stairs: the best way to overcome them is by using our stair climbers.

You will also find trucks with extra large footplates, chair trucks and tyre trucks. They will get just about anything moving.

The right wheels for your sack truck

A sturdy frame only brings benefits when combined with the right wheels. In this case, the choice ranges from smooth running pneumatic tyres that cushion small bumps on the ground, to ones made of puncture-proof polyurethane. Which tyres are better when depends, in turn, on the area in which they are used. Not quite certain? We will be happy to help you make your decision.

Also think about adequate load securing options, for example by using tension belts. You can purchase these from us, as well as a large range of wheels and castors and other accessories.

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