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Just place your transported goods on the ball unit table. You can check them, label them, turn them or reroute them. Work steps that are much easier to carry out using a ball unit table.

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Ball unit tables – optimum conveyor technology with extra flexibility

If cardboard boxes, components or goods for shipment in the warehouse or assembly shop need to be moved from A to B, then sophisticated conveyor systems are critical for fast and trouble-free transport. And transport is best done without any physical exertion. If you supplement roller conveyors and similar products with flexible ball unit tables from the products available from kaiserkraft, you'll be able to do so in practically every direction. We'll show you how you can perfect your company operations with clever ball units.

Where does the use of ball unit tables pay off in the company?

A ball unit table is an extension unit for roller conveyors, conveyor belts and other products from our range of products for conveyor technology. Its function is as simple as it is clever: instead of moving transport goods in one direction only, the items can be moved in any direction at the same level on the ball units with individual bearings. You'll always profit from this when the goods don't just need to be moved from one place to another, but also need further work:

  • Ball unit tables make labelling heavy packages for shipment or storage much easier.

  • Heavy components can be optimally aligned for the next processing step by employees – for example, before being fed into a machine.

  • The ball unit table is the perfect connecting piece at branches and intersections in a conveyor system with a multidimensional configuration.

  • Used as an individual workplace, the ball unit table makes assembly work easy.

This means that the investment always pays off when matters related to conveyance tend to be of secondary importance in your company, while assembly or goods processing take priority. This makes ball units tables one of the indispensable elements for optimised process logistics:

  • They shorten assembly and processing times.

  • They optimally adapt the workplace to the employee – and not the other way around.

  • Integrated into a system of roller conveyors and similar technology, they reduce the duration of transport and, at the same time, also minimise the space required for the conveyor system – and ultimately allows it to go around corners without problems.

Which prerequisites apply for goods on ball unit tables?

Because the ball unit tables utilise the interplay between mechanical components and the laws of physics, just like our roller conveyors and skate wheel conveyors do as well, the goods must meet certain prerequisites to ensure they can move along the ball unit table with as little friction as possible.

The most important factor is the base of the good to be transported. It must be clean, dry, hard and stable. Only then will the point load of the rollers with individual bearing be used optimally, and be transformed into motion.

Should a good not meet these requirements, then you can order stacking boxes or even open fronted storage bins from kaiserkraft that will ensure this basic condition is met.

How do I integrate ball unit tables into my conveyor logistics?

kaiserkraft offers you ball unit tables as modules, allowing you to put together your conveyor system to cater to your individual space requirements and alignment. As standard, we offer versions that allow you to extend light-duty and skate wheel conveyors, as well as models for the transport of heavy goods in combination with roller conveyors.

Just like they are for the belts, the weight and dimensions of the goods to be transported are the decisive criteria. The weight of the heaviest good is important for the required load-bearing capacity of the individual ball units. You can calculate this factor as follows:

The weight of the heaviest good to be transported : 3 = required load-bearing capacity of the individual ball unit

When it comes to the dimensions, it best to plan on the basis of the smallest good to be transported. In this case, the following applies: the base must touch at least three rows of balls at the same time in every position in order to transform the point load into a flowing motion.

Because both factors are closely related, we make choosing easier for you when it comes to each product. If you click on a specific spacing (meaning a specific interval between ball units), our algorithm will automatically suggest the optimal matching weight. You can alter this yourself. If a combination is not, however, possible, then the algorithm will be reset to the optimal setting.

Furthermore, you can also order individual ball units from kaiserkraft in order to service the table or adapt it to specific requirements of the surface, etc. You can even increase this flexibility by ordering custom made models and ball unit segments from us which have different dimensions than the standard ones. Please feel free to ask us about them.

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