Hazardous goods handling

Safety in the workshop and environmental protection starts with adequate hazardous goods equipment and handling within the company. This doesn't just apply for manufacturing industries. Other sectors also need to think about how they will handle, store and dispose of water hazardous and combustible materials and liquids, along with waste, in a way that ensures neither people nor nature are adversely affected.

Which environmental protection activities do the standards and regulations require of your company?

Whether you are constantly handling water hazardous or flammable media, or just want to be equipped for an emergency: the legislation on hazardous goods handling is very clear in relation to the requirements placed on equipment needed in the workshop.

What is important for you is, for example, the Hazardous Good Directive applicable in Germany. You can also obtain an overview in our information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials.

Even when the size of your company, or the number of hazardous goods you handle, don't really require professional hazardous goods management, as an employer, you are still obliged to introduce measures to ensure industrial safety and environmental protection. These include, for example:

  • Obligation to perform a hazard analysis

  • Obligation to provide labels for hazardous goods and warning signs

  • Obligation to provide information and instructions for employees

  • Obligation to keep records about adequate disposal, etc.

We're more than happy to help you when you're looking for the right products for this.

How do I respond in the event of an emergency?

If despite careful handling, something does end up getting spilt, then a fast and level-headed response is essential to prevent hazardous substances from contaminating the groundwater or entering the environment, and to guarantee operational safety. And the most important rule to follow is: Ensure you're prepared.

There are all sorts of products in our product range for the area of leakage management, which can be used for preventive purposes and quickly contain the risk. You can, for example, obtain detailed information about our absorbent agents and spillage emergency products, of which absorbent sheeting is possible the most versatile and practical emergency aid you can have. This is why we have also compiled shopping advice for absorbent sheeting and absorbent sheeting – FAQ for this very important product category.

What else can kaiserkraft do for environmental protection and hazardous goods handling?

The important topic of environmental protection and safety is one of the core competencies of kaiserkraft. While you can obtain an overview of the requirements by using our shopping guides and FAQs, we are happy to advise you when you have more detailed questions.

This is because, on the one hand, every company gives priority to different substances and protective measures, while on the other hand, it is rather challenging to maintain a full overview of all the regulations.

Please contact us and allow us to advise you on the range of products available. We will be happy to help you.

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