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Hazardous goods handling – safe storage and dispensing
Hazardous goods handling is a very important subject and should be taken seriously. Since the Hazardous Substances Directive has come into effect, more and more companies are having to deal with the handling of hazardous goods. In addition to a Register of Hazardous Substances and dealing with material safety data sheets, the safe usage and storage of hazardous goods are particularly important topics, critical to everyday operations. A number of regulations and standards have to be implemented for the safe handling of hazardous substances. In order to help you carry out tasks in your company with the highest level of safety for people and operations, our webshop offers a comprehensive assortment of technical solutions and products from this field. Hazardous goods handling is important in protecting the environment, preventing fires and in protecting your employees from harmful substances.

Proper hazardous goods handling for greater safety at the workplace
Proper hazardous goods handling calls for the safe storage of hazardous goods at the workplace. In addition to the aspect of safety, cost effectiveness is also a very important consideration for our customers. In order to achieve a maximum of safety and functionality for employees and operations, this online shop offers a wide range of products for the regulation compliant handling of hazardous goods. The safe transport of hazardous goods in drums, cylinders and containers using transport trucks and pumps can thus be ensured for transferring and dispensing hazardous goods. Special hazardous goods workstations with ventilation and extraction offer optimum protection of health for work with poisonous or explosive substances. The proper storage of hazardous goods also plays an important role here. In accordance with the strict regulations, hazardous goods must be stored separately according to their respective danger level. There are special hazardous goods storage cupboards available for storing small quantities in indoor areas. For outdoor areas, hazardous goods containers offer a means of safe storage for larger quantities as well. In addition, hazardous goods handling also encompasses the disposal of unused hazardous goods in specially designed safety disposal cans, as well as the cleaning of devices which have come into contact with hazardous substances. Should something go wrong, in spite of all this, appropriate absorbents are available. They effectively absorb hazardous substances such as paint, lubricants or oils and can be properly disposed of afterwards.

Hazardous goods handling

Warehouse equipment, transport and handling hazardous substances correctly – a topic that you have to deal with every day? We do too by continually expanding our comprehensive range of products for hazardous goods handling. Only the very best products are added to our product range.
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