EUROKRAFTpro Panel stands, sheet racks

EUROKRAFTpro panel stands and sheet racks – like a filing box in large format

EUROKRAFTpro panel stands have a lot in common with filing boxes: they are both designed to store rectangular items in an organised and easily accessible way. Rather than paper, however, sheet racks hold large sheets of metal or moulded chipboard, allowing these to be stored with minimum effort and maximum protection. The premium range from our own brands makes sure of this – for instance with smooth-running steel rollers and plug-in divider bars.

Made in Germany, ten-year guarantee and professional quality at a mid-range price: if we hadn’t already developed EUROKRAFTpro, we’d have to make a start on it now – because we believe our customers deserve the best. We aim to create products that are more than just robust and functional – such as shelving systems that are as easy to use as filing boxes, for instance. Have we succeeded? That’s for you to judge – alongside countless other satisfied customers.