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Kongamek transport dollies: give the forklift truck a day off

Euro pallets are indispensable for distribution and company logistics, but they are difficult to transport – unless you've got Kongamek transport dollies to do the job. The highly manoeuvrable alternative means of transporting single pallets will give your forklift truck a day off. Pallets can be moved directly to the shelf warehouse or to the outgoing goods area on hardwearing, zinc plated steel frames with dimensions that fit EUR pallets exactly, and which are fitted with smooth running and sturdy fixed or swivel castors made of solid rubber. The wheeled bases for pallets are also suitable for use as transport equipment for containers, and can transport a very high max. load, making them ideal for workshops and industry. Did you know that Kongamek also has a wheeled solution for shopping baskets, pallet frames and waste bins in its range as well?

Save yourself the arduous search for transport aids that are suitable for your company, and take a look around our Kongamek brand shop right now! The Swedish industry leader has the right wheeled base for every requirement. Shelf trucks, roll containers and countless other wheeled transport devices make “your workmate” Kongamek an equipment provider you can have full confidence in.