Pfeifer shop

Drum tongs or crane chains – anybody looking for special products in the area of cable, lifting and construction technology is in the right place in our Pfeifer Shop. The Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH company is regarded as the complete market leader in its field; Pfeifer lifting technology and Pfeifer cable structures are renowned and trusted the world over. This international success is founded on Bavarian down-to-earth attitudes and traditions. As early as 1579, 400 years ago the Pfeifer family was already active in rope-making in Memmingen. However at that point nobody had thought of hydraulic jacks or hoisting belts: The handcraft traditions and processing of hemp ropes has been handed down over generations and in 1949 the company began assembling hemp ropes itself. The rope handcraft company, which had just two employees at the time, quickly grew into an industrial giant. In around 1990 the effects of globalisation became noticeable and the owner-managed company with a 12th generation family member in charge became an internationally active global player.

And it is on course to expand further: Pfeifer chains and Pfeifer ropes are hugely popular exports products – over 50 % of revenue is generated outside of Germany with subsidiaries and service centres distributed all over the world. And at home Pfeifer is also expanding. In 2008 the main plant in Memmingen was enlarged by 40 %.

As you can see, Pfeifer is everywhere. In the shop here, you can find your new Pfeifer chains, Pfeifer ropes and much more!