Hinged lid boxes, boxes with push-on lid

Versatile, quick as a flash, and intelligently designed: hinged lid boxes and cardboard boxes with push-on lids ensure small and medium sized goods are transported efficiently and safely to customers. Effective logistics processes save time and work steps. One of the best things is that many of them allow the height to be varied, making them suitable for a wide range of goods. Don’t miss out on this extremely practical packaging.

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    What are hinged lid boxes and boxes with push-on lids used for?

    Whether catalogues, flyers or business cards: all types of printed products are produced in standardised formats. To ensure that these large stacks of paper do not slip around during transport, it is packed in suitable small boxes. Whether a box in A4 format with a push-on lid, a hinged lid box with a tuck top or a parcel box in the ideal format for posting: you will find real multi-talents among our cardboard boxes.

    They are suitable for piles of paper as well as for individual goods or small gifts. They are used as gift packaging and gift boxes, as well as for mailing sensitive electronic components.

    Push-on lid or hinged lid box: what do I use when?

    Cardboard boxes with push-on lids made of solid cardboard are, as quick-erect boxes, ready for use in no time at all. One of their biggest advantages is that the height of the boxes can be varied and adapted to suit the contents. This means that, in the best case scenario, you can send all your goods to the customer in one cardboard box.

    The boxes also come in many DIN formats, allowing them to hold large stacks of catalogues or printed matter, for example, with a perfect fit. Any strapping that you use ensures that even a very full cardboard box can be safely transported. This form of packaging is also ideal for mailing fashion items or bulky textiles.

    Hinged lid boxes with push-in flaps provide high stability despite the thinner cardboard used. They are recommended for heavier goods. The wide opening is perfect for presenting a wide variety of products and, at the same time, makes it easier to remove them safely – one example would be sensitive circuit boards.

    Placing an additional seal on the package is either unnecessary, or the package can be branded and prepared for transport with labels and stickers at the same time. Depending on the product format, hinged lid boxes are an economical packaging solution which require little additional protective padding or filling material. However, they are more suitable for mailing small containers, individual products, etc. Classic cardboard boxes are the more efficient choice for larger deliveries.

    No matter what you decide on: we will be happy to help you make the right choice. Find out using our cardboard box finder, or in a personal discussion. Simply contact us.