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When you know that the most valuable thing you have – your own health and that of your employees – is in safe hands even in your daily work, then you can be confident that the MUNK Group is playing a role. As a technology and innovation leader with high quality products made in Germany, it promises the highest levels of occupational health and safety. What began in 1899 as Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH is still operating today as the MUNK Group. It is characterised not only by exceptionally long experience, the highest quality and real consistency, but also by the fact that the company is ideally set up for the future.

There are two locations, Günzburg and Leipheim. Under the umbrella of the MUNK Group, we’re not only talking about the MUNK Rescue Technology and MUNK Service divisions, but about the MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik as well, which makes products in premium quality. These include ladders of all kinds, steps, platforms, rolling scaffolds, transport boxes or mobile partitions – all of them made in compliance with the relevant standards. All the products are suitable for use in the commercial sector as well as in private and public areas. High quality, intelligent access technology solutions are also available in custom configurations. A wide range of products with which the family owned company creates space for vigorous growth.

The MUNK Group is not just a name. It is a very special address. One that is famous not only throughout Europe, but around the globe. One that leaves nothing to be desired. Quality, made in Germany.

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