EUROKRAFTpro Sack trucks

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EUROKRAFTpro transport equipment and trolleys: can we give you a ride somewhere?

Alright, we admit: EUROKRAFTpro transport equipment is not designed to take passengers. Our sack trucks are much more suited to transporting packages, transport boxes, sacks and anything that can be stacked or propped up. The premium sack trucks are environmentally certified in some cases, offer exceptionally balanced driving and boast details such as replaceable glide runners, extra-large footplates and rear panels made from wire mesh. Whether it’s a crate of beer to enjoy after work, or a huge fridge for a hotel kitchen, these trucks take it all in their stride!

If you want it to be perfect, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. That’s the reason we developed EUROKRAFTpro. Our premium brand offers the highest levels of quality and usability. The products cover virtually all of the company areas that we and our customers work in most frequently. Whether transport equipment or office furniture: you can rely on our own brand, which offers a three-year guarantee, outstanding availability, and the knowledge that you’ll be getting the most out of every workday.