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Cleaning accessories
You'll find the right cleaning accessories for your company here. The accessories on offer from KAISER+KRAFT can be used universally for all sorts of jobs and are suitable for cleaning equipment made by different manufacturers. However, you will also find custom accessories and manufacturer-specific genuine spare parts in the product range as a matter of course. It doesn't matter whether the accessories are needed for orders by small companies or by large corporations. KAISER+KRAFT offers shipping quantities best suited for both large-scale customers and for smaller individual orders. This is also true for cleaning cloths and buckets of all types. Cleaning brushes and round brushes are also included in the product range: simply everything that the company needs.

Optimal accessories for different uses
Cleaning accessories can be selected specifically for practical purposes. To ensure that everything really is hygienic, single-use cloths or accessories suitable for use multiple times can be recommended according to needs. Whether chemical cleaning agents, biodegradable substances or other cleaning agents are used also needs to be observed when selecting the matching accessories. If the cleaning trolley needs a new set of equipment, or items need to be replaced, you will find optional cleaning accessories at KAISER+KRAFT, including mop wringers or utensil baskets. This is the perfect way to make the trolley fully functional again if an item of equipment gets broken. You will also find waste sacks in the right size in the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT. No matter whether purchased as basic equipment, or as replacements for cleaning accessories: the high quality products represent a long term investment in hygiene and health. All individual items can be ordered with free delivery.

Cleaning accessories

Let's declare war on dust and dirt! And don't worry if your cleaning accessories are running out – we'll make sure you never run out of cleaning ammunition, along with special accessories and manufacturer-specific genuine spare parts.
16 items found
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Ex. VAT 28,40
Ex. VAT 159,90
Floor nozzle
for vacuuming large areas
Ex. VAT 407,50
starmix - Concertina filter cartridge
for safety industrial vacuum cleaners (dust class M)
Ex. VAT 123,10
Mat cleaner
for ESD coverings
Ex. VAT 26,75
Kärcher - Cleaning brush, rotating
for high pressure cleaners up to 800 l/h
Ex. VAT 104,40
Cleaning brush
with hose connection, pack of 5
Ex. VAT 63,30
Ex. VAT 199,00
Perforated base
for immersion cleaning tank
Ex. VAT 82,10
Parts basket
for immersion cleaning tank
Ex. VAT 106,20
Micro-filter cartridge
to maintain clean exhaust air
Ex. VAT 124,40
starmix - Concertina filter cartridge
with approx. 3200 cm² cellulose filter surface
Ex. VAT 38,90
starmix - Special PE emptying bag
for safety industrial vacuum cleaners
Ex. VAT 245,50
starmix - Concertina filter cartridge
for safety industrial vacuum cleaners (dust class H)
Ex. VAT 279,50
Kärcher - Cupped foam lance
with 1 litre container
Ex. VAT 171,80
16 items found
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