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Stop. Caution. This way.
This is what bollards are trying to tell us. Either as folding barrier posts in car parks and access and exit roads, or to cordon off pedestrian paths and work areas. Depending on where they are being used, we recommend using different materials. In companies, for example, bollards made of plastic are often used. They are usually flexible and yield in the event of a collision. The advantage: vehicles won't be damaged as quickly as they would be if they collided with steel bollards. Steel or stainless steel bollards, in contrast, are often encountered in pedestrian zones. They tend to be inconspicuous – in contrast to barrier posts with warning colours. These are, by the way, also available as so-called FlexPins. FlexPins can be driven over without causing any major damage to the vehicle. Above all, they are used wherever vehicles need to pass through in the event of an emergency – in access roads for the fire brigade, for example.

Bollards, barrier posts

Bollards provide a warning, bollards provide protection, bollards are flexible. Our bollards and barrier posts will help you to make traffic routes safe and help you to set up self-evident guidance systems.
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Barrier post made of steel tubing, flexible
Ø 76 mm, for setting in concrete
Ex. VAT 211,00
Barrier post made of tubular steel
red / white, for setting in concrete
Ex. VAT from 161,20
Ex. VAT from 219,00
Barrier posts, plastic
with base sleeve, removable
Ex. VAT from 44,20
Ex. VAT from 280,50
Barrier post made of tubular steel
removable, with base sleeve
Ex. VAT from 179,10
Barrier post made of tubular steel
tilting, with base plate
Ex. VAT from 199,00
Barrier posts, plastic
for setting in concrete
Ex. VAT from 38,45
Barrier post made of round tubular steel
white/red, to bolt in place
Ex. VAT from 153,00
Barrier post made of tubular steel
for setting in concrete
Ex. VAT from 37,75
Ex. VAT from 55,60
Ex. VAT from 85,80
Barrier posts, plastic
to bolt in place
Ex. VAT from 53,20
Ex. VAT from 159,70
Barrier post, aluminium pipe, lockable
with foot pedal and automatic mechanism
Ex. VAT from 186,10
Ex. VAT from 99,30
Ex. VAT from 91,10
Ex. VAT 199,30
Barrier post
for ceiling and floor mounting
Ex. VAT 116,50
Barrier post made of PU, flexible
Ø 80 mm, tilts through 360°, pack of 2
Ex. VAT from 137,80
20 items found
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