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Bistro tables and pedestal tables
A bistro table provides a place to put a coffee down, or an afternoon snack. Because many employees in offices spend the whole day working seated, a pedestal table is a highly welcome alternative to a classic table arrangement. Bistro furniture, with its slender design, allows rooms with little space to be organised appealingly and functionally. Bistro table often decorate the outdoor areas of large buildings and gardens, but also small cafés and restaurants. KAISER+KRAFT offers a variety of tasteful, professionally designed tables and chairs for indoors and outdoors among its product range. The choice of bistro tables for indoors also encompasses bar tables and bar stools for canteens or cafés as well as small seating arrangements for waiting areas and similar rooms. Communication tables provide additional options in passageways. Anywhere that seems impractical for setting up chairs might be turned into a productive place by putting a communication table there. Classic pedestal tables find a place outdoors for a short break, or when events are held in the fresh air. A bistro pedestal table is therefore suitable for many commercial operations, such as cafeterias, ice cream shops, company canteens or doctor's clinics.

Bistro tables made of high quality materials in an appealing design
When purchasing bistro tables and pedestal tables, attention should, above all, be paid the quality that the tables have. The difference when it comes to quality is very broad when it comes to items like this. The bistro furniture from KAISER+KRAFT represents a clever combination of stylish design and high quality materials. This ensures there is bistro furniture for the highest of demands. The surfaces of the tables and chairs are scratch resistant and easy to care for. Safety glass, Werzalit and wood in combination with steel tubes guarantee a long service life for the pedestal tables. For outdoor use, special surfaces have been created that are weather resistant, that can withstand the UV light of the sun and can also survive the effects of intense heat. The bistro tables come in a classic and elegant design, while modern shapes set attractive accents in all areas. This allows a company to make an optimal impression on customers, visitors and employees, as well as on guests in the hospitality industry.

Canteen tables, pedestal tables

Take the chance to stretch your legs. Enjoy a snack or grab a quick coffee while standing. You can also hold brief meetings here: at bistro tables and pedestal tables. Furnishings typical to cafés and bistros are increasingly finding their way into company buildings. We're not surprised, because they always radiate an appreciative attitude to life.
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Pedestal table
HxLxW 1078 x 1040 x 500 mm
Ex. VAT 225,50
Ex. VAT 412,00
Canteen table, height adjustable
Ø 800 mm, black frame with castors
Ex. VAT 388,50
Pedestal table
Ø 800 mm, height 720 mm
Ex. VAT from 250,50
Bistro table
Ø 700 mm
Ex. VAT 190,60
High table
steel frame, Sevelit top
Ex. VAT from 130,20
Bistro table
tabletop made of Topalit, Ø 800 mm
Ex. VAT from 234,50
Pedestal table
Ø 1000 mm, height 720 mm
Ex. VAT 298,50
Bistro table with cast iron foot
height 1100 mm, Ø 700 mm
Ex. VAT 211,00
Multi-purpose table
overall height 720 - 1120 mm
Ex. VAT 222,00
Canteen table with cast iron base
2 tabletops, spacing 30 cm
Ex. VAT 203,50
12 items found
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