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Artificial plants

''Is it real?'' This will become a familiar question in future should you choose one of our artificial plants, because the artificial palms, bushes, succulents and grasses are hard to distinguish from their authentic archetypes. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your common rooms – by decorating them with our artificial plants!
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Boxwood tree column
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Artificial plants – a wonderful decorative alternative
Artificial plants always turn up wherever a lack of natural light, or adverse ambient conditions, prevent natural plants from growing. Plastic plants don't care where you put them, because they don't need any light, heat, water or anything else to grow and thrive. This is the great advantage that artificial plants provide. Drafts of air or the moisture typical to saunas and swimming pools won't make decorative flowers like this wither either. In the hospitality industry or in hotels, cigarette smoke, spilled drinks or other rude treatment by customers often create conditions in which real plants can't survive. Artificial plants are also well suited to these conditions as well. Textile plants also provide further advantages. Artificial plants don't require any care at all. They don't need to be watered, and don't require regular repotting or limp leaf removal. Another plus point provided by artificial plants is the long life span. They remain green for years and years, and depending on the type of plant, have flowers that never fade. In comparison to real plants, artificial plants are inexpensive: neither water, nor power of plant lamps and, above all, no manpower is required to look after the plants.

The world of botany with artificial plants
The artificial plants in the online shop operated by KAISER+KRAFT are available in all sorts of different models. Among the cover pots and vases, you will also find accessories for your artificial flowers. You can use the artificial plants as decorative elements in department stores, in the hospitality industry, hotels, in spa facilities, in swimming pools, fitness studios, or even for specific advertising purposes. Take a look at all the different artificial plants to find the greenery that best suits you: succulents, grasses, bonsai, different ficus trees, Mediterranean plants, bamboo, palms, leafy plants, orchids and other flowering plants. Nowadays, plastic plants are difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Excellent workmanship and high quality materials have help banish the cheap image of a plastic plant to the past. Shapely flowers and leaves rich with details ensure that artificial plants are virtually indistinguishable from a real plant.
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