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Nothing comes to a standstill if intelligent conveyor systems are in place: With conveyor systems you provide your in-company transport routes drive and system. While setting up your automated transport solutions, your should keep the following in mind: Speed is the highest priority, and material flows must be proceed as smoothly as possible. Both light and heavy loads can be transported with a conveyor system: Pieces and long goods, pallets and drums, but also packages and small boxes. We have suitable products for these, such as roller conveyors with a max. load of 150 daN between two feet or skate wheel conveyors for a light conveyor system. The individual conditions in your company must also be considered, whether it's uneven surfaces, limited space or hazardous substances In these cases, selecting the right materials is of utmost importance:You can select conveyor system products out of steel, aluminium or plastic. For inclines, corners or long distances you should purchase an additional drive: electrical or with a round belt and, if needed, in a suitable combination for non-driven rolls. We gladly help you select your unique conveyor solution for your company logistics. Contact us.

Conveying equipment

Let's take Heraclitus at his word: all is flux. Or better: everything flows. Because thanks to intelligent conveyor systems, you can now move heavy loads through the warehouse, company and mail order centre without straining your muscles. The result: an optimal flow of goods.
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