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The power of absorbent sheeting and granulates
Good leak management is essential when fluids containing oils or chemicals are being stored, transported and processed. Absorption agents prevent the worst from occurring in the event of a leak. You'll find an extensive range of products for leak management here in the online shop: absorbent sheeting, all-purpose absorbent granulate for binding oils, paints, alkaline solutions, acids and biodiesel, as well as highly concentrated granulate for thicker materials such as paints, varnishes, resins, glues, etc. This granulate is extremely absorbent and binds fluids quickly. Samples of granulates, as well as absorption sheeting, are also available upon request. We've collected many of our customers' questions in our absorbent sheeting FAQs. We also offer emergency kits for fast first aid.

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When purchasing products for your leak management, you should consider different starting points. Our product finder will tell you about all the different options: simply answer the following questions and we'll show you suitable products.
1. Situation | Would you like to prevent a leak or contain a spill?

Leakage management

Containing leaks, identifying liquids, absorbing and disposing of them. Above all, when dealing with leaking hazardous liquids, the following is important: what has to go has to be handled safety and without damaging the environment. Our large range of absorbing agents has the right product if the worst comes to pass.
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pack of 10
Ex. VAT 111,70
Ex. VAT from 87,50
Ex. VAT from 91,30
Ex. VAT from 131,10
Ex. VAT from 94,60
FIRST absorbent sheeting for oil
roll of sheeting, heavy version
Ex. VAT from 137,50
FIRST universal absorbent sheeting
roll of sheeting, heavy version
Ex. VAT 146,30
FIRST absorbent sheeting for chemicals
roll of sheeting, medium version
Ex. VAT 137,50
Ex. VAT 163,90
Ex. VAT 173,80
Ex. VAT 202,50
Ex. VAT 181,50
Ex. VAT 192,50
Ex. VAT 225,50
Ex. VAT 104,50
PRO Plus universal absorbent sheeting
roll of sheeting with barrier film
Ex. VAT 257,50
FIRST absorbent sheeting for oil
sheets, non-perforated, heavy
Ex. VAT 92,20
FIRST absorbent sheeting for oil
sheeting roll, no perforations, heavy
Ex. VAT 141,90
Ex. VAT from 86,90
Absorbent fleece sock
universal version
Ex. VAT 93,50
Absorbent fleece sock
chemical version
Ex. VAT 97,90
Ex. VAT from 96,80
Absorbent fleece cushion
universal version
Ex. VAT from 101,20
Ex. VAT from 105,60
Absorbent cushion
oil version, pack of 10
Ex. VAT 158,40
Ex. VAT from 86,90
Spillage emergency kit
incl. carrying bag, absorption 50 l
Ex. VAT from 71,50
Ex. VAT from 192,50
Spillage emergency kit
in transport box
Ex. VAT from 107,80
Ex. VAT from 181,30
Spillage emergency kit
in a plastic roll container
Ex. VAT from 329,00
CorkSorb® oil binding granulate
type I, II and III R, loose
Ex. VAT from 36,30
Spillage emergency trolley
with fleece towels and fleece roll
Ex. VAT from 1.170,00
Cleaning cloth roll
WxL 320 mm x 161.5 m
Ex. VAT 130,90
Cleaning cloths
WxL 300 x 420 mm
Ex. VAT from 30,80
Cleaning cloths
WxL 300 x 500 mm, pack of 150
Ex. VAT 36,30
Cleaning cloth roll
WxL 300 mm x 112 m, pack of 2 rolls
Ex. VAT 97,90
Cleaning cloth roll
WxL 320 mm x 190 m
Ex. VAT 97,90
Absorbent sock
with CorkSorb® oil binding filling
Ex. VAT from 99,90
Absorbent cushion
with CorkSorb® oil binding filling
Ex. VAT from 96,40
Barrier roll, permanent
for bolting in place or fastening with adhesive
Ex. VAT from 27,50
Ex. VAT from 274,00
106 items found
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