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Desk space savers
You need a desk space saver when your desk is sheer chaos or you just don't know any more where to put things. Even a desk can only provide a certain amount of space. Everyday office work is an endless stream of more and more documents and utensils – more than a workplace can hold. To maintain an overview of events, using helpful office equipment makes sense. Working effectively will only succeed when all materials are cleverly organised. A practical system at the workplace indicates competence and thorough work. Desk space savers are a clever solution to all overfilled desks. The telephone is positioned logically on a telephone swivel arm, ensuring it can be reached from all sides at all times. A well sorted tray system should be a matter of course and is easy to implement by means of a professional storage system. Time is valuable, and this is why well organised documents form the cornerstone for working economically. When in doubt, simply replace the desk space reserved for the telephone and elevate it – and your workspace – to new heights.

Desk space savers and organised desks for more productivity
Using a desk space saver makes sense, because the workplace is the calling card of the employee, along with his or her work. Getting all desk utensils and documents organised is essential for everyday office work. Many of the products in our webshop can help you to get the chaos on your desk under control. The selection of products in the desk space savers area will make untidy desks a thing of the past. This office material makes everyday work easier and encourages staff to perform efficiently. Documents are easier and faster to find when you use a filing system, and customers will have their needs served better. Use the series of desk space saver articles from KAISER+KRAFT and turn your workplace back into a place which you and your employees are happy to use productively.

Desk space savers

Freedom for your desk. And exile for all those bits and pieces that don't really need to be on top of it. Shine a light on our desk space savers! Telephone, monitor, laptop or documents can be organised around the workplace perfectly by using monitor arms, tablet holders, telephone swivel arms or document holders.
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Telephone booth
HxWxD 615 x 590 x 470 mm
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