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Protecting and securing important documents with laminating devices
A laminating device guarantees that important documents maintain a visual, and practical, quality. High quality documents are laminated not only to protect them, but also to make them look better. Improving the quality of a document is a significant step, however all the protection that good lamination can provide is a decisive argument. The sealed film makes documents resistant to dirt and moisture, and they can pass through any number of hands without looking worn or tattered. Furthermore, laminated documents are harder to falsify. Laminating devices are found in almost every company. No only do photos, reports and certificates frequently undergo lamination, but also menus, price lists and entire presentation documents. A good laminating device finds itself being use often to make important and frequently used papers more robust and elegant. An ambitious business likes to present itself from its best side, which also includes well maintained documents, making a laminating device an indispensable device for today's office equipment.

Choose the right laminating device.
Simple laminating devices are inexpensive to purchase. Not only do they do the job, but they also provide the best possible quality. KAISER+KRAFT has models of on offer in the BASIC range that are perfectly suitable for use with standard A4 documents, with more models in the frequently used OFFICE range that provide plenty of power. The sophisticated PREMIUM range includes models for frequent use, and the PROFESSIONAL range has models that can determine the film thickness and the most suitable settings themselves. The devices on offer are all highly energy efficient and feature a practical automatic shutdown function for when they are not in use. Along with the ''A4 laminating device'', there is also an ''A3 laminating device'' and laminating pouches with different densities and functions. Choose the best laminating system for your requirements. Laminating documents using a durable, transparent laminating film ensures stability, waterproofing, forgery protection and a high quality appearance.

Laminating devices

Laminating devices will help you to protect important documents from dirt, moisture, wear and damage efficiently. Regardless of whether they are used with certificates, reports, price lists or presentation documents – laminating devices use laminating film to make your documents robust, durable and forgery-proof.
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Leitz - Laminating device
iLAM TOUCH system
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Leitz - Laminating device
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