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Office chairs and everything sits right
When organising office workspaces, office chairs are not only an essential purchase – they are also available in all sorts of different models. An office chair should always be adapted to the prevailing conditions. For example, the castors for office chairs should always be adapted for the floor, so that it is not subject to excess wear. The office furniture and desk chairs can be selected as needed, with different castors for carpeted floors and other floor coverings. By choosing the matching desks at the same time, the office furniture can be ideally harmonised. In rooms that quickly heat up in summer, a back rest with a mesh covering is better than one with a leather cover that makes you sweat even more. The most important criteria that need to be observed when purchasing a desk chair is the ergonomics and healthy sitting position. A point synchronous mechanism, lumbar support and permanent contact mechanism make the office chair ergonomic. An ergonomic workstation is essential for employees who spend long periods seated. Ergonomic swivel chairs prevent back problems, just like knee rolls and Body Balance Tec® do. If you purchase an office swivel chair with castors, you will also profit from the greatest possible mobility within the work area you use. Concentrating at work also requires a pleasant seat and full freedom of movement within the workspace. Office swivel chairs that offer employees and managers a comfortable seat with arm rests and without arm rests are a key configuration component for complete office environments. Swivel chairs for the factory hall can also be ordered as particularly robust versions.

Office chairs and desk chairs in leather, polyacrylic and others
You'll find office chairs online for every requirement: the seat surfaces and back rests of the office swivel chairs provide a wide variety of models to choose with variable leather covers, polyester or polyacrylic coverings. A wide range of material combinations can also be found in the KAISER+KRAFT online shop. This way, requirements of inflammable office furniture can be satisfied. This applies in the same way for office chairs in standard versions, and for operator swivel chairs and executive armchairs. When deciding upon the respective arm rests, you'll be pleased to know that features such as height adjustable arm rests or ring arm rests make the seat even more comfortable. The height of the back rest varies on the individual swivel chairs, as does the maximum weight the chairs can carry. Relax while looking around the well sorted swivel chairs in the online shop maintained for our performance brand, office akktiv, or the office chairs made by our supply partners.

Office swivel chairs

Please, take a seat! Sit upright! Move around while seated! Don't hurt yourself by sitting! Our ergonomic office chairs make it more than easy to satisfy these instructions and recommendations. Even better, take our selected office chairs for a test sitting!
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Topstar - Operator swivel chair, point synchronous mechanism
flat seat with knee roll and Body Balance Tec®
Ex. VAT 363,50
Topstar - Operator swivel chair, permanent contact mechanism and ...
with Body Balance Tec®, back rest with mesh covering
Ex. VAT 253,00
Dauphin - Operator swivel chair
fabric cover with mesh back rest
Ex. VAT 276,00
Ex. VAT 473,00
Ex. VAT 129,00
Operator swivel chair
office swivel armchair, soft leather
Ex. VAT from 634,00
Topstar - Operator swivel chair
upholstered back rest
Ex. VAT 219,00
Ex. VAT 252,00
Ex. VAT from 316,50
Ex. VAT 362,00
Topstar - Standard swivel chair
without arm rests, back rest 450 mm
Ex. VAT from 98,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT 296,00
Ex. VAT 185,00
Topstar - BIGSTAR20 operator swivel chair
point synchronous mechanism, max. load 150 kg
Ex. VAT 449,00
Topstar - CHAIRMAN swivel armchair
back rest height 780 mm
Ex. VAT 362,00
Ex. VAT from 395,50
Ex. VAT from 358,00
Ex. VAT from 442,00
Ex. VAT from 498,00
Ex. VAT from 442,00
Ex. VAT from 498,00
Ex. VAT from 521,00
Ex. VAT from 521,00
Ex. VAT from 578,00
Ex. VAT from 578,00
Ex. VAT from 428,00
Ex. VAT from 476,00
Ex. VAT from 584,00
Ex. VAT from 584,00
Ex. VAT from 641,00
Ex. VAT from 641,00
Ex. VAT from 483,50
Ex. VAT from 539,00
Ex. VAT from 429,00
Ex. VAT from 294,50
Ex. VAT from 372,50
Ex. VAT from 372,50
Ex. VAT from 383,50
96 items found
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