For better organisation: dividers allow you to divide up the space in cupboards and lockers, on large shelves or in drawers in a practical way. They allow you to make optimal use of the available space, while keeping everything properly organised at the same time. From dividers for open fronted storage bins to shelf dividers and mesh dividers for industrial mesh pallets – discover the selection available in the online shop at KAISER+KRAFT!

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Dividers: for better organisation in the warehouse and logistics

Dividers, shelf dividers and other products like them allow the space in your cupboards, drawers and shelves to be used in a sensible way. They divide the storage space into clearly arranged units in which you can store utensils properly. Large dividers split up the storage space available in a practical way – while shelf dividers, on the other hand, are suitable for keeping small or bulk items stored tidily in open fronted storage bins. The bins, in turn, also allow you to store different parts in small quantities. This way you need fewer bins and will save space as well.

Dividers are also used in transport containers. Dividers for cupboards and shelves ensure items are stored in a well organised way, and are easy to affix. Because they come in different heights, the dividers can be adapted to cater to your individual needs. If, on the other hand, you would like to get your mesh pallets better organised, you'll find that mesh dividers are the right choice – for pallets, wooden stacking frames are an appropriate solution.

For an ideally organised office: dividers

Dividers are also useful aids in the administrative area and in the office. You can, for example, use dividers as practical drawer accessories for desk pedestals to keep your writing utensils stored separately. You can also use dividers to keep your office shelves and cupboards better organised.

If you’re not sure which size is the right one or you need a specific shape, please contact us – our friendly service team will work with you to find suitable dividers and shelf dividers for your company.

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