You don't have to pigeonhole everything when there's so many different drawers available to choose from – for equipment you already have, in different designs, for different load bearing capacities. You'd be joking if you said you couldn't find a suitable spare right here.

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You'll find drawers for desks and other work tables here. Finding the matching set of drawers isn't always easy. Office cupboards and industrial cupboards are often designed with a pronounced variety of dimensions and drawer systems that make it difficult to obtain supplies in the required size. Our webshop can offer you drawers in the most diverse range of dimensions. Whether for drawer cupboards in an administrative context or drawers for heavy duty cupboards: all it takes is a little patience to get the details right, and to compare the required size, and you'll find the right product here online. This is because the height and width of our drawers are highly varied. Moreover, they are designed for different load bearing capacities. They can therefore be used as replacements for drawers that have broken and which should be replaced with more stable inserts. Find the suitable drawers for material cupboards and roller shutter cupboards for the office in the webshop. Complete drawer units are also covered by the product range. They ensure you can select the most suitable replacement drawers for a diverse range of cupboard and desk types. A cupboard system can also be extended later on with a suspension file drawer on telescopic guides. Built-in drawers with a separate cover can also be installed to provide extra room.

Drawers: Order online today – work with them in no time
You will receive our drawers quickly. The particularly fast shipment ensures that customers of KAISER+KRAFT are in the enviable position of having their new drawers and accessories available in the company shortly after ordering them. When replacements need to be found for sensitive furnishings at short notice in particular, this can make work much easier.