Umbrella stands
There should be an umbrella stand in every single dry coat rack. When you enter a room on a rainy day with an umbrella, you're happy to be able to store this soggy, dripping object safely and know it's in good hands. An umbrella stand not only prevents the wet brolly from getting water all over the room, but also from making the guest feel awkward. Both in the hospitality industry and in retail sales, the management has a particular interest in not having wet umbrellas being carried back and forth across the premises. Inviting umbrella stands will prevent this from happening. Umbrella stands in a cloakroom can also make an attractive addition to the room and be adapted to the style of the cloakroom. KAISER+KRAFT offers a range of designer umbrella stands, allowing them to do justice to your individual room design requirements. Complete solutions which involve integrating the umbrella stands into the clothes rail are both space-saving and practical. Cloakroom furniture that offers more space allows the umbrella stand to be positioned in a way that makes it a visual drawcard and adds to the overall appearance of the foyer.

Design and benefits of umbrella stands
Umbrella stands and coat hangers flatter the foyer of a company, as well as making for a useful addition. An elegantly equipped coat rack allows companies to demonstrate their sense of style and their appreciation of quality. When value is placed on quality in company furnishings, then the umbrella stand should also match the overall corporate design. Stainless steel umbrella stands in particular make an impression with a stylish and timeless appearance, and can be artfully integrated into an elegant coat rack. Practical umbrella stands with a water tray also allow fast and easy disposal of the water that accumulates. The collection tray that catches the dripping water is simply removed and emptied. Perforated metal umbrella stands also guarantee good ventilation, meaning umbrellas won't stay wet for as long, and in the best case, will dry out while the umbrella is in the stand. The umbrella stands from KAISER+KRAFT combine accomplished, stylish design and practical benefits. You will therefore find high quality cloak room accessories in the online shop which will allow your company to make an appealing overall impression.