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Benches and tables for enjoying the outdoors
Benches and tables that you can place outdoors for your employees will help them clear their heads when they take a break. This is important when there is a lot of work to get through and being able to concentrate in the morning and afternoon is particularly important. Attractively designed benches and tables also form a key furnishing for smokers' corners and other common rooms for employees. Along with the comfort expected of the seats, a suitable design has a particular significance. A park bench with a cast iron frame and wooden slats not only makes a comfortable impression in open parks. Benches made of plastic with a table are an inviting option for making small talk in the sun during he lunch break. Depending on where they are installed (indoors or outdoors) and depending on the atmosphere, steel mesh-only designs might make for suitable furnishings, or also versions made of solid wood. Benches and tables made of wood are in particular demand. Whether varnished pine wood or meranti, there is a large selection in the respective types of wood available from our online shop. With the appropriate pretreatment, the wood is also suitable for placement outdoors without cause for concern. Small folding benches, in contrast, can be quickly set up and folded together when, for example, an area for variable use has been provided at a trade fair.

Metal benches and aluminium tables
Aluminium tables, and metal benches to match them, can also be found online. Metal benches and tables have a understated elegance. Selecting seating accessories that specifically suit the respective corporate image is recommended. This is no less true when furnishing public facilities, residential streets and pedestrian zones, for which these benches and tables are equally suitable. Choose from benches and tables with an elegant design that lend themselves for a range of different purposes and which impress with their durability. Find the benches and tables best suited to your outdoor area here among the online product range, and give your employees and visitors an ideal place to take a break.

Benches and tables

Are you well seated? Or are you standing so much that your legs are getting shorter? Then take a seat. We can offer you comfortable benches and tables – for your lunch break, for a quick chat with colleagues or to soak up some rays. We also have lovely individual models for public parks and pedestrian zones on offer.
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Picnic bench
table and 2 benches
Ex. VAT 446,00
Ex. VAT from 147,00
Solid wooden bench
with arm rests
Ex. VAT from 595,00
Ex. VAT from 87,00
Park bench, solid cast iron frame
seat and back rest made of pine wood
Ex. VAT from 335,50
Metal bench
in grey cast iron finish
Ex. VAT 410,00
Solid wooden bench
without arm rests
Ex. VAT from 558,00
Bench with wooden slats
length 900 mm, for 2 spaces
Ex. VAT 230,50
8 items found
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