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A secure letter box is important both indoors and outdoors
The fact that a letter box is essential for each and every building cannot be denied. It is a matter of utmost importance for every company that not only does the mail arrive, but that it also remains secure in the letter box. To ensure a smooth arrival of mail even outside regular opening hours, letter boxes outdoors are an imperative need for each business. Letter box systems may also be the most practical solution for in-house mail. A tasteful design is just as important as keeping the mail secure. The clear, elegant lines of the letter boxes chosen communicate competence and objectivity. Careful craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials provide the security required. All letter boxes from the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT can be locked, and therefore guarantee that only authorised persons with a key can ever access the mail.

The letter box – the right solution in all situations
An outdoor letter box should be optimally suited to the company's requirements. The size of the letterbox should be chosen to suit the average volume of mail being received, and if necessary, it can be supplemented with a second one, or a larger model. A somewhat larger version ensures that all letters will find space inside and be protected from wind and weather, even when a surprisingly large amount of mail arrives. Letter boxes from the EUROKRAFT and Mannus brands are available in different sizes. From simple standard letter boxes for normal letters to the large capacity letter box, and combined letter boxes with an extra compartment for bulky packages, the product range offers an extensive selection to choose from. The letter box systems are all made of high quality materials like stainless steel or sheet steel. Post boxes for outdoor areas are additionally powder coated and zinc plated. A number of letter boxes are available in different colours on request, so that the letter box system can be optimally adapted to the overall corporate image when requested. The KAISER+KRAFT product range includes letter boxes and letter box systems that provide sophisticated solutions and yet are economical and more than appropriate for the purpose.

Letter boxes

We don't need to discuss what letter boxes are good for. Let's instead focus on size, material and design. What would you like your new letter box to look like? Should it be made of stainless steel or sheet steel? With a sloping roof or a flat top? Rounded or angular? Large scale or standard size? The options are almost endless. So have a look around and choose your favourite.
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Standard letter box
with folding sloped top, sheet steel
Ex. VAT 65,60
Standard letter box
with folding sloped roof
Ex. VAT 117,80
Large scale letter box
HxWxD 450 x 326 x 162 mm
Ex. VAT 88,70
Letter box
with flat top, stainless steel
Ex. VAT 136,80
Letter box
with folding sloped top, sheet steel
Ex. VAT 53,30
Letter box
with folding sloped top, stainless steel
Ex. VAT 152,50
Letter box
with flat top, sheet steel
Ex. VAT 67,30
Design letter box
HxWxD 480 x 322 x 150 mm
Ex. VAT 153,70
Letter box, rounded
HxWxD 327 x 375 x 117 mm
Ex. VAT 185,00
Letter box, rounded
HxWxD 327 x 375 x 117 mm, sheet steel
Ex. VAT 142,90
10 items found
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