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Cutting, slitting, piercing, severing... that sounds macabre, doesn't it? Not if you own one of our film cutters. You simply use it. This easy-to-guide cutting device is not only small, practical and safe, but also make removing packaging material child's play – even plastics and leather won't be a problem.

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Film cutters
The film cutter may be one of the most important tools in goods receipt. This is where securely affixed packaging material needs to be removed from the deliveries as quickly as possible to allow the goods to be inspected and placed in storage. A good utility knife will provide good service in this case, however the concealed film cutter that has been cleverly integrated into the cutter handle, optimises the removal of stretch film from the pallet. Working quickly isn't a problem when using this film cutter, because a safety cover around the cutting blade ensures there is virtually no risk of accidental injury. The stainless steel blade is safely surrounded and covered by the plastic handle. This small but extremely practical tool makes the work of warehouse employees much easier, and allows them to work much more quickly while ensuring they are safe from injury. This is why purchasing a whole set of film cutters is recommended to give every employee who has to ply his or her trade in goods receipt or at a packing table one of these practical little tools.

What is a film cutter able to do?
A film cutter is not only able to be used for cutting film, because its blade is sharp enough to cut open plastics and even leather reliably and in a straight line when they need to be stored and be sold in certain unit sizes. When cutting film, a 45-degree angle has proven best, allowing the user to hook the blade in at the upper edge and cut downwards in a straight line. A very easy and quick process that saves quite a bit of time when counted over the course of a day. Many film cutters feature a removable, optional metal plate that, for example, makes it easy to open adhesive tape on cardboard boxes. This makes the film cutter a practical supplement to the universally used carpet knife and allows employees in goods receipt to unpack everything even faster. The film cutter can therefore be considered an all-rounder that provides an invaluable service in the warehouse. You can purchase film cutters online at KAISER+KRAFT and stock up on them for you and your employees to use in everyday operations.