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Flip charts – when the spoken word is too little
Who actually invented the flip chart? It was the US American marketing pioneer and entrepreneur at the NCR Corporation, Mr John Henry Patterson. And why did he invent it? Because the spoken word is sometimes overheard, resulting in important messages being lost. Flip charts have been in use for decades to provide support during presentations, workshops, conferences or brainstorming sessions. Graphic elements and catchwords can be added to this writing pad on a board to make a valuable addition to your lectures, reports, meetings or group activities; the most important information is quickly noted down. Flip charts are also popular because they are so easy to use, because they are available as all sorts of different models and versions, and because – whether with a grid or blank paper – the matching flip chart paper pads and flip chart pens can be purchased as well. And as soon as you set up your flip chart stand in an easily visible position inside your room, you'll start lending your word more weight from the very start – just don't put in next to the window and make it difficult to see. You can now develop your topic together with the participants interactively, and document it at the same time. We wish you every success!

Flip charts – an ingenious inventions for presenting, structuring and making notes
Statistics and facts, profit and sales figures, key words and ideas – all of these can be easily recorded on a flip chart. This is best done using flip chart markers of the sort you can also find here in the shop. What we also have for you are: flip chart paper holders, table flip charts and mobile flip charts... and much more. Stay here to start discovering all the different options that our flip charts and flip chart accessories have to offer you. We promise you'll get the last word!


You're holding a lively discussion and your colleagues are throwing facts, ideas and key words around the room. What are you going to do? That's right, you simply turn around to face your flip chart and write all of it down. This is how to remember everything and ensure an effective meeting. We would say: 1:0 for our flip charts!
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Presentation cabinet
whiteboard with projection surface
Ex. VAT from 1.090,00
for dual rail system
Ex. VAT 222,00
magnetoplan - EVOLUTION plus flip-chart
writing surface 680 x 970 mm
Ex. VAT 378,50
MAUL - Flip-chart
with four-legged frame
Ex. VAT 141,70
Mobile flipchart
with five-star base
Ex. VAT 137,50
Mobile flipchart
with round base
Ex. VAT 159,50
Multifunction flip chart
mobile, when seated, as a table
Ex. VAT 214,50
Flip chart
stand model with side arms
Ex. VAT 133,80
Flip chart
height adjustable with telescopic legs
Ex. VAT from 89,10
9 items found
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