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Mobile pinboards for everyday use
Mobile pinboards are not only found in schools and universities. A mobile pinboard has meanwhile become a frequently used item of equipment in companies. Both for project meetings, and for presentations, a mobile pinboard is a practical tool. The boards are also available nowadays as high quality items, lending them a visual appeal as well. Mobile pinboards are available in different designs in our online product range. For example, there are mobile displays equipped with castors, allowing them to be moved around flexibly. The folding models are also often used at trade fairs as a boundary. When the mobile pinboards are the folding type, then not only can they be used as permanent partitions, but they can also be transported in a space saving way when they are not being used, or when they need to be transported.

It's your turn to speak? Then back it up!
Mobile pinboards are particularly useful when you are holding a presentation and have a lot to say. If you back up your presentation by writing key words on the mobile pinboard, you will be doing your listeners a favour. Mobile pinboards promote attentiveness and interaction. They allow you to develop ideas together in a group, to underscore your presentation with illustrative facts, or pin important comments made by your listeners next to the respective subject item. The function of mobile pinboards is usually similar to those of a pinboard, allowing, for example, paper and pictures to be pinned to the board, with additional comments being noted on the respective picture using markers. At the end of a meeting, you can take a photo of the board. There is an integrated tray for pens and push pins. That makes revising the information on the mobile pinboard much faster. Pins and pens can be found under the ''Combinations'' menu item next to the product of your choice.

Mobile pinboards

They're the central focus of many a meeting: mobile pinboards. Regardless of whether it's a brainstorming exercise or an interactive presentation: mobile pinboards will help you to gather ideas, thoughts and facts and to develop the best solution together in the group. This is a way to make work fun!
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QUIPO - Pinboard, mobile
HxWxD 1800 x 1000 x 500 mm, one-part
Ex. VAT from 222,00
Ex. VAT 891,00
Ex. VAT 219,00
QUIPO - Pinboard, mobile
HxWxD 1800 x 2800 x 500 mm, three-part
Ex. VAT from 445,00
Presentation board, variable
felt coating on both sides
Ex. VAT 289,00
MAUL - Plan holder
table plan holder
Ex. VAT 128,30
Presentation cabinet
whiteboard with projection surface
Ex. VAT from 1.090,00
Flip-chart/Pin-up centre
flip chart and dry-wipe board
Ex. VAT 165,00
Display panel, mobile
pinnable textile covering, WxH 1200 x 1500 mm
Ex. VAT 222,00
MAUL - Plan holder
mobile plan holder with 3 swivel arms
Ex. VAT 278,00
MAUL - Plan holder
wall plan holder
Ex. VAT 91,50
15 items found
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