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Screens – keep everything visible when presenting and moderating.
Offices without screens? Almost inconceivable. Screens or projection screens are meanwhile used just about everywhere, be it in seminars, meetings or during video conferences and presentations. Presentation, explanation, discussion, consultation – it can all be done with everyone's involvement when flip charts or mobile pinboards can't provide quite enough support – for example when the audience is a larger one, a clean white screen is needed for projectors. Whether you are holding a modern, perfectly prepared multimedia presentation or a spontaneous, creative brainstorming session with foils, foil pens and an overhead projector: thanks to projector screens and projection screen, everyone will find it easy to direct their attention on one and the same thing.

Find the right screens for projection equipment here!
As we all know, the devil is in the detail – and it's no different when it comes to the topic of projection screens, because our webshop has innumerable alternatives to choose from, including everything from basic models to professional versions. It is essential that you choose the right projection screen in order to achieve the best possible result. The most important thing: each member of the audience and each participant in your seminar or meeting should be able to see the information being shown as optimally as possible. This means that your ideal projection screen has maximum reflection and minimum glare. In the same context, also ensure you choose the right size and the best suited format, along with the material used, for your intended purpose. Another question you should answer in advance concerns the place of use: will your screen be given a spot of its own, or will you be using it flexibly at different locations? Just as well our product range features both stationary and mobile versions. The latter are characterised by a particularly straightforward functionality, making the screen easy to transport and easy to set up at the same time. You will see: they almost make child's play out of presenting and chairing – have a look around the shop now to find your new projection screen or projector screen!

Projection screens

There's not many things that get this much attention: no office should be without screens or projection screens, because everyone focuses on them when you are holding your latest multimedia presentation. So find the right model to show your presentation in a flattering light. We have both stationary and mobile screens on offer.
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Tabletop projection screen
4:3 projection format
Ex. VAT from 177,30
Projection screen with stand
1:1 projection format
Ex. VAT from 111,70
Projection screen with stand
4:3 projection format
Ex. VAT from 199,70
Projection screen, static
1:1 projection format
Ex. VAT from 66,80
Projection screen, static
4:3 projection format
Ex. VAT from 99,90
Projection screen, mobile
4:3 projection format
Ex. VAT from 635,00
7 items found
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