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Whiteboard accessories – putting together what belongs together
Very good… You have decided to buy a suitable whiteboard. So far, so good. However, you still do not have the optimum equipment. For example, you cannot write on your new board with standard, commercially available pens. You need the correct whiteboard accessories, for example whiteboard markers in the colours red, blue, black and green and with different nib thicknesses. Or eraser pens and wiping sheets as well as magnets, magnetic strips, magnetic labels or magnetic paper. Or also board wipers, cleaning spray and a cleaning sponge. Please take account of the material used in manufacturing your whiteboard – glass, plastic or enamel materials – as different cleaners are suitable for different surfaces. Put briefly: you can find a great many products that you need for drawing, writing, adhesion and cleaning here. Our whiteboard sets are particularly recommended as they contain a great deal that you need for getting started.

Whiteboard accessories

Are you ready for the next brainstorming session? No? This is because you don't have the right whiteboard accessories. Markers, magnets, dry wipers, blotters, cleaning sponges – this is where you can find all the bits and pieces that will turn your simple whiteboard into a perfectly equipped whiteboard.
22 items found
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Ex. VAT 32,95
Ex. VAT from 21,95
Magnetic strip
LxW 5000 x 15 mm, 1 roll
Ex. VAT 16,50
MAUL - Carousel hook magnet
Ø 35 mm, height 53 mm, pack of 20
Ex. VAT 60,80
Ex. VAT 11,30
Magnetic strip, self-adhesive
1.5 mm thick, 1 roll
Ex. VAT from 60,10
Round magnet
Ø 10 mm, pack of 60
Ex. VAT 33,35
Round magnet
Ø 20 mm, pack of 72
Ex. VAT 44,50
Round magnet
Ø 30 mm, pack of 36
Ex. VAT 33,35
Magnetic strip
LxW 500 x 20 mm, pack of 18
Ex. VAT 47,20
Magnetic rectangle
format A4, pack of 6
Ex. VAT 47,20
Ex. VAT 39,05
Round magnet
assorted colours, blue, yellow, red
Ex. VAT from 33,35
Ex. VAT from 46,85
Ex. VAT 68,90
MAUL - Rectangular magnets, pack of 60
LxW 53 x 18 mm, holds 1 kg
Ex. VAT 53,40
Super magnet, pack of 10
chrome plated, brushed finish
Ex. VAT from 33,40
MAUL - Ferrous tape, roll
width 35 mm, roll length 25 m
Ex. VAT 57,90
Ex. VAT 52,90
Ex. VAT 27,90
Special magnet for glass whiteboard
strong adhesive force, white plastic cap
Ex. VAT 33,35
Ex. VAT 17,15
22 items found
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