EUROKRAFTpro Pallets

EUROKRAFTpro pallets – They’ve got stacks of potential

Wooden pallets have their uses, but also their limitations. The gaps in the top deck make them unsuitable for heavy items or goods with uneven bases. EUROKRAFTpro pallets made from durable plastic take a different approach: a closed top deck makes stacking significantly easier, and the models with steel reinforcement are tough enough to take practically any load. They are all suitable for high shelving units – and are made from recycled polyethylene. And if you need to store gas cylinders in accordance with hazardous goods regulations, this storage solution also fits the bill.

“More value for money” – it’s a claim you see being made a lot. With our own brand EUROKRAFTpro, we really mean it. With our ten-year guarantees, made-in-Germany quality and wide range of products offering professional functionality, we’ve already won over plenty of fans. We know what experts really need, and we created our own brands to reflect this. We’re only truly satisfied when you are!