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Do you know the great feeling of finally closing the file on a project? Completed! Finished! Well done! Sadly, not entirely. What happens to confidential documents such as bank statements, tax documentation or personal data? Sensitive information does not belong in your files, but in the document shredder. Optimally in one from HSM.

As a data protection expert HSM supplies document shredders for all requirements: for home use, for offices, for IT departments or professional document shredding. Choose the most secure solution for shredding paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs directly at the workplace – in strips or particles. Quietly and easily. And thanks to the energy management control system, you save up to 90 % of energy with HSM document shredders compared with conventional stand-by switches: 2 minutes after use, the SECURIO document shredder switches automatically to energy-saving sleep mode, 1 hour after use the device automatically switches off completely. You use absolutely no electricity overnight and at weekends. Invest now in your data security. Then you can close the file on this issue without further ado.

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