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All mauser furniture and mauser cupboards have been inspired by the company's philosophy of making “Furniture that thinks for itself”. And indeed, there is, in fact, a mission behind every mauser filing cupboard – to produce furniture that has a human quality to it: intelligence! How does this mission become reality? By networking, for example. Designers, architects, logisticians and building developers work in tandem on every mauser product. The outcome? Solutions that have been perfectly harmonised, satisfying almost all of the customer's needs.

There's another element that gives mauser furniture this harmony: steel. The company has directed its focus on this long-lasting material right from the very beginning, and today mauser steel furniture remains a synonym for efficient and, yes, intelligent configuration solutions that provide a tangible added value when it comes efficiency, organisation, comfort and security.

The originator of mauser furniture is Alfons Mauser, who was born in Oberndorf am Neckar in 1872 as the son of the co-owner of the famous mauser rifle factories. In 1896, he founded his first factory producing goods from sheet steel, which having starting operations in 1922, initially produced steel drums, later adding gas cylinders and agricultural products to its range. In 1929, tubular steel furniture was manufactured for the first time, and with the advent of the 1980s, the company's focus was ultimately directed towards office furniture systems, seating and storage and archive equipment. By 2000 at the latest, mauser furniture had earned its place among the top five in the industry, and this highly successful brand, based in Korbach, Hesse, has been part of the globally active Vauth-Sagel Holding since 2004.

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mauser – furniture that thinks for itself!

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Are you looking for high quality office furniture made in Germany? Modern and classic at the same time, simple and yet sophisticated?

Congratulations: you've come to exactly right place! The product range maintained by KAISER+KRAFT features almost 1200 different items of mauser office furniture, which can satisfy any configuration requirement. And we're more than happy to help you to find exactly the mauser solution you need.

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Something extraordinary? That's the standard for mauser.

There's something very special about mauser furniture. It's something human. It is... intelligence! And it is created by networking. Swarm intelligence so to speak: designers, architects, logisticians – every single product is the result of extensive development work, in close collaboration, and satisfies almost every need the customer has.
Satisfying your needs.

The key element? Steel. Steel is the DNA of the company. In 1896, Alfons Mauser founded a sheet steel goods factory, with tubular steel furniture being manufactured there for the first time from the 1920s onwards. Office furniture ultimately became its main focus from the 1980s on. Today mauser is one of the top manufacturers in the industry and one of the favourites at KAISER+KRAFT! Take a look and find out why …

The advantages for you

mauser can do more.

Form follows function is one of the central principles of product design. Yet what is the right thing to do in times like ours, when constant change is the norm and flexibility is the be-all and end-all, especially at the workplace? That's right: flexibility takes centre stage when it comes to office furniture too. One of many reasons to choose mauser …

Listen to your office!

Meetings, conferences, discussions: today's open culture at work, with its short communication paths and the creative freedom it gives us, has many advantages to offer. Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks to it: frequent distractions and a constant noise level all too often result in problems concentrating and working productively. Not to mention the stress!

Just as well that there's mauser – the first office furniture in our product range to feature acoustically effective properties. The sound absorption coefficient (aw) of cupboards with steel fronts, for example, reaches a peak value of 0.95. Or to put it more simply: a full 95% of the sound waves striking the front of the cupboard are absorbed. A real blessing for your ears – we promise!

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Soundproof wall

Welcome to the world of mauser cupboards!

Welcome to a world characterised by diversity. Sliding doors, hinged doors, roller shutters, drawers: we guarantee you'll be able to find the mauser cupboard to cater to your needs in our product range. There are no other limits to your creativity and your requirements either: different colours, from light grey to white aluminium, from classic to colourful? We have them. Extra high, extra wide, extra deep, on a plinth or with supports? We deliver them.

With a steel cover panel or with an HPL solid core panel instead? You guessed it: it's no trouble at all. There are also ideal ways of combining the cupboards by linking them up side-to-side, adjustable glides to compensate for uneven floors, individual shelf units with different maximum loads and – depending on your requirements – different lock systems: From rotary cylinder locks with replaceable cores to locks with common keys, there's nothing that isn't available on request. Simply talk to us!

mauser cupboard with horizontal roller shutter
With horizontal roller shutter
mauser cupboard with file drawer
With file drawer
mauser cupboard with sliding door
With sliding door
mauser cupboard with steel cover panel
With steel cover panel

The only thing left to do now is to decide on the right type of cupboard: mauser sliding door cupboards or mauser roller shutter cupboards, for example, are always the right choice when there's not much space available – no open cupboard doors will ever be in your way.

And acoustics play a role here too, because aluminium running rails ensure that the sliding doors or roller shutters move with almost no noise at all, and as if by magic. Alternatively, you could decide to forego doors altogether and use one of the numerous mauser shelving units that are ideal for frequently used objects, for providing visual variety, or as a practical sideboard.