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Intelligently planned workplace equipment have a lasting and positive effect on the productivity and creativity of employees. For this reason entrepreneurs should place their trust in professionals when choosing company equipment, for examples the specialists from RAU GmbH.

Every product from the medium-sized company from Balingen-Frommern benefits from over 65 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of Rau workplace equipment. In spite of its continuous growth, RAU GmbH still regards itself as a manufacturer of workplace equipment. And it is this love of craftsmanship that make their products so impressive: practical and coordinated Rau workplace systems, Rau work tables, Rau workbenches and Rau computer cupboards for workshops and production that can be arranged flexibly according to the desires and requirements of the customers. The results are most attractive, individual workplaces that meet customer requirements in terms of dimensions, equipment and colours and can optimally withstand the strains of everyday work and inspire employees to even better performances. And in terms of quality, Rau is outstanding. The company also takes care to ensure that resources are treated in a responsible and ecological manner and optimisations and further developments are sustainable and cooperation with suppliers is conducted as a genuine partnership.

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