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“Why not consider aluminium?” Stock market expert André Kostolany encouraged viewers to do just this in a car advertisement at the end of the 1990s – and was ahead of his time with his tip. The Zarges Brothers were even further ahead of their time: back in 1933, they demonstrated impeccable instincts and founded the very first aluminium company in Europe. Thanks to innovative technologies and growing experience with high-quality aluminium materials, ZARGES is now considered one of the leading companies in the crates and packaging, transport and storage division, as well as in custom designs.

Good products are not a matter of chance. Whether it is a Zarges box, Zarges cases, containers, baskets and trolleys, or Zarges ladders, ladder equipment, mobile access towers, working platforms, bridge steps, steps and stair platforms, all products impress with a high level of stability, a low weight, anti-corrosion properties and flexibility. Even complex and demanding, industry-specific custom solutions are competently planned and professionally realised by Zarges.

Discover the variety of ZARGES products for industry, trade and service businesses, for workshops, home and garden.

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