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Sump trays

Make sure nothing lands where it shouldn't: sump trays. You'll also be buying more safety for handling water hazardous liquids. We can offer you a comprehensive range of single and double walled sump trays for regulation compliant storage, filling, metering and transport or water hazardous, flammable and non-flammable liquids.
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Sump trays for hazardous goods storage
Sump trays are used to ensure safety when handling water hazardous liquids and are designed to prevent these liquids from being released into the ground or into waterways. This is done by collecting any substances originating from a plant or from a storage container. Sump trays are not equipment in rooms or buildings, but rather leak-proof components. §62 of the German Water Management Act and the administrative regulations and legal directives passed in accordance with this Act define the necessity of collection containers. Sump trays are one of the options for providing the containment volume required by the regulations. They are covered by the building product law when they are used for filling, storage and handling of water hazardous substances. The generally applicable provisions for the technology used for steel trays with a capacity of up to 1000 litres are the Steel Trough Guidelines (StawaR).

Safety when handling dangerous liquids
The hazardous goods handling category in our webshop provides, among other things, a large number of single and double walled sump trays. They are used for regulation compliant storage, filling, refilling, dispensing, handling and transport of water hazardous, flammable and non-flammable liquids. They are approved for flammable and/or water hazardous liquids in different GHS categories. The products available in the webshop are characterised by their high level of safety for the user, well-conceived functionality, their environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness. They are comprised of different materials, such as (partially galvanised) steel, sheet steel or high quality plastic, and some are highly resistant to oils, acids, alkaline solutions, emulsions and cleaning agents up to a specific pH value. You will find sump trays for different containers and in different sizes at KAISER+KRAFT. Trays for tank containers and pallet trays are also available from the product range, just like small container sump trays, low profile sump trays, shelf sump trays and shelf base sumps. Sump trays will allow you to treat hazardous liquids safety and in compliance with regulations at your company.
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