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Laboratory cupboards

Because you probably won't make much progress with standard cupboards in the laboratory, we have a range of specific laboratory cupboards. Whether chemical storage cupboards or flexible base cupboards for standing workstations: you can safely rely on our laboratory cupboards in the lab.
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Laboratory cupboards for hazardous goods, chemicals and laboratory utensils
A variety of laboratory cupboards are used in laboratories to ensure safe and secure storage and safekeeping for the chemicals and materials in use. Depending on the goods being stored, hazardous goods storage cupboards, steel cupboards or tool cupboards might be suitable. Laboratory cupboards are usually produced from stainless steel, as it is corrosion resistant and protects the goods being stored from moisture and heat. Hazardous goods cupboards are specially designed to store flammable or corrosive substances. Accordingly, they are fire proof and feature special sealing mechanisms to prevent any escape of the hazardous substances in the event of a fire. Chemical drum cupboards are used to store hazardous products in drums in accordance with regulations. Depending on the hazardous goods, they are made from different materials. Substances hazardous to water require a leakproof and zinc plated cupboard, among other things, while easily flammable materials are stored in laboratory cupboards with reinforced frame profiles. The webshop offers a very large range of laboratory cupboards in different sizes for all sorts of different storage requirements.

A lot of room while using little space
Stainless steel shelves provide a large storage capacity in a small space due to their large surface shelving. Using a standard shelf unit along with a variety of extension shelf units, laboratory cupboards can be extended according to requirements. The tool cupboards, which are also considered laboratory cupboards, provide space for utensils both big and small of the sort required in laboratories. Tool cupboards with drawers make well organised storage possible. They are made of robust and weatherproof sheet steel, which also permits the drawer load to be reduced. Mobile versions are suitable for larger laboratories, as they can be moved to different workstations without problems. Tools cupboards with differently sizes drawers provide space for larger work tools, and allow them to be safely stored in a well organised way. The large range of laboratory cupboards available from KAISER+KRAFT ensure you can structure every laboratory to harmonise with your individual requirements.
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