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Storage cupboards

Are you really that interested in spending hours searching for small parts and other materials? We didn't think so. This is why we have such a large range of storage cupboards for warehouses and workshops. With transparent or colour coded bins, you'll soon need no time to find everything – that's a promise!
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39 items found

Storage cupboards: more organisation, a better overview, higher productivity

A glance, quick hand motion and the desired component or accessory is within reach: this is the golden rule of a well-organised company. Our storage cupboards fulfil this rule without great effort and with well-thought-out accessories. Productivity is not the only benefit.

What are the advantages of storage cupboards?

Storage cupboards are the ideal storage location for small and large warehouse and production goods in the

workshop area.

Small parts, in particular, can be kept organised, as the cupboard compartments are tailored precisely for the use of open-fronted storage bins. Depending on the model, these boxes are already included in the scope of delivery.

Small parts in particular can be kept clearly organised, as the cupboard compartments are tailored precisely for the use of open fronted storage bins. Depending on the model, these boxes are already included in the scope of delivery.

Robust steel and durable sheet steel ensure a high level of pleasure of use – even in working environments where dust, dirt and challenging production conditions prevail. This material also guarantees a high load-bearing capacity, which pays off when they are fully loaded.

This means that storage cupboards are not only part of the basic equipment at the warehouse facility, they are also used at workshop workstations or in the production line.

What criteria do I use to select materials cupboards and small parts storage?

Depending on the location and storage requirements, you can choose between cupboards with lockable hinged doors or storage cupboards with transparent visual storage containers. The second option has the advantage that employees can immediately obtain an overview of the container contents and quickly remove them with one hand. Also, these cupboards do not require any space for opening and closing the doors.

Vision panel and double door cupboards are similarly clearly organised and are suitable for the storage of small parts and production equipment that workshop and industrial employees want to put together quickly before use in the warehouse. Full steel versions are universal products for storage.

The different colours of the fronts also contribute to better organisation. Based on the colours of the open fronted storage bins, you can establish a colour coding system that helps employees to find the desired part even faster. A system like this also makes inventory and procurement easier.

Make the highest demands of workshop organisation and order storage cupboards and accessories. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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