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Storage cupboards

Are you really that interested in spending hours searching for small parts and other materials? We didn't think so. This is why we have such a large range of storage cupboards for warehouses and workshops. With transparent or colour coded bins, you'll soon need no time to find everything – that's a promise!
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Storage cupboards for small parts
Material and storage cupboards are an essential item of furniture in every company that has to deal with a lot of small materials in the workshop and warehouse. The advantage of these drawer cupboards is the structure and clearly laid out storage that also ensures fast access at the same time. This organisation has a positive effect on the employees and their work, allowing them to profit from a well sorted environment. Structured storage saves time, and therefore money as well. A well sorted material and storage cupboard is made possible by many shelves, a large number of shelf bins and, in part, different colour schemes. Transparent bins provide an even better overview. Along with optimum organisation, high quality storage is also guaranteed. The small parts are protected from dust when stored in drawers, and doors with concealed hinges and cylinder locks ensure they are also securely locked away.

Material and storage cupboards in high quality
The company KAISER+KRAFT offers high quality material and storage cupboards that are made of stable and heavy duty steel constructions. Non-wearing and environmentally friendly powder coatings or high quality stove enamelling on the storage cupboards characterise the excellent quality. Robust shelves in the material and storage cupboards have a high load bearing capacity when the loads are distributed evenly. They are frequently height adjustable and allow individual use. The storage boxes that can be sorted into the cupboards are made of particularly attractive, robust and impact resistant materials. This ensures they have a long service life even when used on a daily basis. Different colour options for the body, and the choice of doors, add a splash of colour to the workshop or to the offices. The storage boxes are also available in all sorts of different colours. This can also add more structure to the way the small parts are stored. A number of material and storage cupboards can also be used as wall mounted cupboards.
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