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Chassis and transport dollies make transport easier
A large range of highly diverse chassis and transport dollies are on offer here in the shop, which due to the high quality that the manufacturer works with are highly stable and extremely functional. The right transport equipment and dollies make transporting objects child's play. Regardless of whether small of large: by using the many different chassis available to help you, transporting objects using pallets and containers is never a problem.

Safe and ergonomic chassis
The chassis guarantee safe transport and ergonomic access, all of which speak for their high quality. A travel jack is also optimally suited to transporting large objects. The travel jacks from our shop are optimally suited for easy and safe transport of heavy and bulky goods, because they are reliable and stable. Furthermore, transport dollies made of all sorts of different materials and in all different sizes are available, which can also be combined for use together as required. This makes transporting larger objects very simple. The roller stand that is also one of the special items of transport equipment that KAISER+KRAFT offers makes it possible to guide materials right up to machines by pulling, rotating and pushing, all while ensuring work remains safe. The roller stands are also robust and insensitive to dirt, ergonomic and ensure that the kinetic forces required are reduced. Transporting furniture is easier than ever before when the furniture dollies from KAISER+KRAFT are used. A range of models in different sizes and shapes is also on offer in this case. This means that the right transport solution for every requirement can be found. Preferred areas of use for the chassis and transport dollies are industrial workplaces and warehouses. However, these transport aid can also be used in large numbers in the office or in workshops.

Dollies, transport devices

They are small. They are manoeuvrable. Uncomplicated. Extremely functional. And resilient. We're not talking about household spirits... instead we are referring to dollies and transport dollies. A clever solution for in-house transport. They will ensure you can effortlessly move heavy or bulky loads from A to B.
126 items found
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QUIPO - Dolly, max. load 200 kg
for Euro size containers
Ex. VAT from 65,00
EUROKRAFT - Four wheeler
max. load 250 kg, 1 shelf
Ex. VAT 152,90
QUIPO - Dolly
max. load 750 kg, platform height 220 mm
Ex. VAT from 196,90
QUIPO - Dolly
max. load 350 kg, platform height 220 mm
Ex. VAT from 152,00
QUIPO - Dolly
max. load 750 kg, platform height 650 mm
Ex. VAT from 293,50
QUIPO - Dolly
max. load 350 kg, platform height 650 mm
Ex. VAT from 227,50
QUIPO - Dolly
Ex. VAT from 163,90
QUIPO - Dolly
Ex. VAT from 296,00
Ex. VAT 174,90
Ex. VAT from 129,00
Ex. VAT 2.065,00
Mobile board frame
for board up to 1000 mm high
Ex. VAT from 178,30
Transport dolly made of ABS plastic
closed platform, nylon wheels
Ex. VAT from 68,20
SLIMLINE pallet dolly
steel, max. load 500 kg
Ex. VAT from 115,50
Ex. VAT 139,00
Ex. VAT 148,50
EUROKRAFT - Three wheeler, max. load 100 kg
platform with welded angled steel frame
Ex. VAT from 148,50
loading height 280 mm
Ex. VAT from 208,00
loading height 650 mm
Ex. VAT from 351,00
Transport dolly
for type 90 hazardous goods storage cupboard
Ex. VAT 129,50
Ex. VAT 81,80
Base frame
with 4 swivel castors
Ex. VAT from 152,00
Base frame
with 4 support feet
Ex. VAT from 144,40
Board stand
to hold card sorting boards
Ex. VAT 681,00
Ex. VAT from 109,00
Ex. VAT from 439,00
rothopro - Dolly
for multi-purpose containers
Ex. VAT 73,50
Transport dolly
LxW 610 x 410 mm, made of HDPE
Ex. VAT 49,50
Transport dolly XL
max. load 500 kg, LxWxH 810 x 720 x 195 mm
Ex. VAT from 53,90
Furniture dolly
LxWxH 600 x 350 x 145 mm, pack of 2, max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT from 67,70
Furniture dolly
LxWxH 600 x 300 x 120 mm, pack of 2
Ex. VAT from 52,00
Furniture dolly
LxWxH 600 x 400 x 170 mm
Ex. VAT from 56,10
Furniture dolly
LxWxH 600 x 600 x 250 mm
Ex. VAT from 83,10
Furniture dolly
LxWxH 600 x 600 x 185 mm
Ex. VAT from 155,70
max. load 500 kg
Ex. VAT from 150,70
Ex. VAT from 368,50
Stainless steel four wheeler
stainless steel wheels
Ex. VAT 558,00
Ex. VAT 490,50
Plastic dolly
600 x 400 mm, max. load 250 kg
Ex. VAT from 52,00
Plastic dolly
580 x 380 mm, max. load 150 kg
Ex. VAT from 56,00
Transport dolly
800 x 600 mm, max. load 500 kg
Ex. VAT from 98,90
Aluminium dolly
internal dimensions 776 x 576.2 mm
Ex. VAT 153,20
Aluminium dolly
internal dimensions 576 x 378.2 mm
Ex. VAT 146,00
Transport dollies
LxW 600 x 400 mm
Ex. VAT 64,20
Base frame
for loading and transport
Ex. VAT from 99,90
Plastic dolly
max. load 250 kg
Ex. VAT 63,70
126 items found
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