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Drum handling

Hazardous substances are often stored in drums. Intelligent products make safe handling of drums much easier in everyday work – when lifting, moving, turning, tilting or draining. Stainless steel and other high quality materials offer you the very best industrial quality. And that means more protection for both people and the environment.
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Drum handling
Our webshop offers a wide range of special equipment for correct drum handling, which is intended both for mobile transport and for fixed installation. Transport equipment and trolleys allow drums full of hazardous substances to be handles safely. Suitable solutions can be found for a wide variety of drum sizes. The load bearing capacity can extend to more than 500 kg. Steel drums, plastic drums and other versions can all be transported in the same way using this transport equipment. Filling and loading drums is done using tried-and-tested techniques that speed up work processes in all different ways. The use of hydraulic systems also takes a load off the employees, and makes handling heavy drums possible in the first place. The pumping devices are also available as mobile units, guaranteeing high flexible use in the company.

Individual solutions
Using the corresponding drum tong that can, for example, be installed on the ceiling, horizontal drums can also be optimally moved from A to B in the factory hall. Using the matching drum lifting rings, this is also made easy for standing drums. Drum tilting clamps allow containers to be variably placed at different angles as well. For hygienically sensitive areas such as kitchens, clinics and laboratories, transport trolleys ready for immediate use can also be found thanks to the different system offered. Easy cleaning is as much of a priority and the high material durability. The use of stainless steel and other high quality materials means the best industrial quality is guaranteed. Order all items with the trusted three-year guarantee from KAISER+KRAFT.
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