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Two-wheel hand trucks

It is the classic among the platform trolleys. The two-wheel hand truck. Ideal for heavy, unwieldy goods that need to be moved so often in industry, warehouse logistics and so forth. And best of all: the two-wheel hand truck is, as the name implies, moved by hand.
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Two-wheel hand trucks – make light work of heavy loads!
Before we start explaining all the advantages of the two-wheel hand trucks in our product range to you, we want to take you on a short foray into the science of two-wheel hand trucks! Of course two-wheel hand trucks, which are also referred to as hand trucks or turntable trucks, actually belong to the transport equipment and trolleys category. They are not only closely related to transport trucks and box trucks, but also transport dollies and transport trucks. The two-wheel hand truck, in turn, comes in different subcategories. The two-wheeled version of the hand truck is called a towing cart. The four-wheel version, in contrast, often comes with side walls and is often colloquially referred to as a push cart. Four-wheeled hand trucks are often encountered in private use, where they are known as child's wagons, and are very popular. The name says it all: they were often used for transporting children around together, and could also be used by children to play in.
Your new two-wheel hand truck – which one do you like best?
When it comes to the two-wheel hand trucks in our product range, they're not made for children, because ultimately they are specially produced for professional use in industry, warehouse logistics and similar areas. Accordingly, you can rely on the models not only being stable, functional and robust, but also easy to load and unload and easy to manoeuvre. All that needs to be done is to decide on the right alternative. Different load bearing capacities, different platform sizes, different surface materials, with side walls or without... you're sure to find the right version in the shop. And if you're not sure, then we'll be more than happy to help you with your choice. Hands down!
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