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Waste bins – professional disposal of rubbish
There is a suitable waste bin for every type of disposal: There are a wide range of waste systems, which make it easier to sort and store rubbish so that rubbish, recyclable materials and other waste can be disposed of in the most hygienic, odourless and clean manner possible. From professional recyclable waste separation systems to simple ashtrays, the range of products offered by KAISER+KRAFT is certainly sufficient. With a rubbish collector, even large quantities of waste can be comfortably transferred into the rubbish bin. Tear resistant rubbish sacks provide secure intermediate storage and keep the waste bin cleaner. Just as for offices, we also offer suitable waste collectors for outdoor areas, which have collection capacities from a few to well over 100 litres. Various litter grabbers and waste collection devices made of steel or plastic are helpful for the collection of remaining waste. Special waste bins and waste sacks made of paper are used for compostable left over waste. With a well-designed recyclable waste separation system, different types of waste can be routed appropriately for recycling. There are even waste bins available with integrated waste separators for this.

Waste collectors, waste bins and rubbish bins with ashtray
Ashtrays made of aluminium or sheet steel keep smoking areas clean. A combination ashtray offers a means of collecting the resulting additional waste at the same time. The pedestal ashtrays and wall ashtrays are also available with a rain hood. Fire-extinguishing safety ashtrays prevent the risk of fire. Just as for the waste systems from other suppliers, the same applies for the waste bins from the performance brand EUROKRAFT. Each product is designed to meet the demanding requirements for use in industrial environments. In addition to highly functional waste bins, waste collectors in attractive designs and popular colour combinations can be found in the online shop as well. Mobile recyclable waste containers and waste bins on castors also offer flexibility for transporting waste, eliminating the need to carry separate waste sacks from point A to point B. Simply select the desired waste systems in the optimum version or combination for your company online at KAISER+KRAFT, and take care of the disposal of waste for each and every area of your company with a single order in the webshop.

Waste collectors

Waste bins for company use: this product range is more important than it might seem at first, because after all, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. But that won't doesn't have to be a problem, because we have the waste bins best suited to all types of rubbish.
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