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Litter pickers, collection devices

Take up the fight against rubbish with gripping tongs and collection devices. Using gripping tongs and litter spikes promises to put an end to bending down, to touching and to unpleasant smells directly under your nose.
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Waste collection device
short grabber, plastic coated
Waste collection device
grabber, plastic coated
Waste collection device
grabber with steel claws
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4 items found
Litter pickers and collection devices for a clean environment
Litter pickers and collection devices are important tools for the Samaritans who collect our waste. They ensure our environment remains clean, that the green spaces dotted around our cities look good and areas in front of public buildings and companies are clean and tidy. Collection devices and litter pickers are required for hygienic waste collection and make an ideal aid for doing so. Any rubbish lying around can be collected from the ground effectively and employees do not need to bend down or come into direct contact with the waste. This allows the collection devices to make an overall contribution to improving the quality of work. The litter pickers help prevent back injuries and therefore take the strain off staff, especially when used frequently. The company premises can be kept clean while saving time, leaving manpower free for other jobs. There are individual devices to choose from which allow the user to use a gripper arm or to spear the rubbish directly. Litter pickers are available with plastic or metal grippers. Using the corresponding steel claws, even waste stubbornly stuck to the ground can be scratched off and collected. A metal spike allows rubbish and waste to be removed from lawns quickly. The length of the collection devices can be adjusted individually. Litter pickers less than 500 mm in length are, for example, ideal for emptying rubbish bins and waste paper baskets.

Select litter pickers to match the waste collector
By finding the most suitable waste collectors for the respective litter pickers, work flows can be organised even more effectively. Mobile rubbish bins on wheels in a variety of sizes or pedal bins for recyclable waste are a good choice in this case. They allow rubbish to be separated while collecting it. And if the waste needs to be stored for an extended period, then lockable waste containers are another good choice. What is important to keep in mind: a waste collector with the most suitable fill level should also be chosen. An opening that is set too high up can be as much of a hindrance as containers that are too low-lying. The optimal equipment can be found for both waste bins and waste sacks in the webshop, as well as for waste collectors and litter pickers with high quality workmanship. Find out about the full product range in the online shop.
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