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Mobile, flexible and fast, or heavy duty and durable?
You know what your wheels and castors should be like. And yet you should pay attention to a number of factors when choosing suitable castors and wheels: Not only what the rollers are being used for matters, but also how frequently, and on which surface, they are being used. The load bearing capacity and, depending on the place of use, the material are particularly important: spare wheels for a fork lift truck or pallet truck rollers are chosen to suit the characteristics of the floor. Stainless steel rollers and used in hygienic areas and in the food processing industry. Our furniture castors can be used in the office for chairs and roll containers – and if you're moving the goods you are transporting over an uneven surface, then pneumatic tyres with shock absorbers help. Do you want to equip your trolleys, equipment or furniture with a complete set of rollers at once? Then you should combine swivel castors and fixed castors to allow optimal manoeuvrability. Our purchasing guide features many details that will help you to make the right choice. You can also use our filters: they will guide you to the right product quickly.

Wheels and castors

The wheel is still considered the greatest invention mankind has ever made. No wonder, because wheels and castors keep everything running. Including your transport equipment, furniture and chairs. We make it easy to choose suitable tyres according to the location of use, work environment and floor covering.
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