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You will find a large range of functional wheels here in the webshop. The high quality wheels are characterised by good rolling characteristics, durability and resistance to fracturing. Furthermore, they feature very good shock absorbency and a low rolling resistance on poor floor conditions. Our online product range includes, for example, thermoplastic rubber wheels with ball bearings. The housings are made of zinc plated sheet steel and feature a swivel bearing with double ball race. The tyres of non-marking and hardwearing, with a low rolling resistance and smooth run. These wheels are temperature resistant from –10 °C to +70 °C.

High quality wheels from KAISER+KRAFT
Even steering wheels for pallet trucks are available here online, which feature a thermoplastic rubber wheel with ball bearing. There are also nylon wheels with a bolt hole among the products from KAISER+KRAFT. These are shatterproof, hardwearing, maintenance free and are easy rolling. The wheels are suitable for temperatures from –20 °C to +80 °C. Full rubber or semi elastic wheels can also be purchased online. They exhibit a smooth run on hard floors and are not subject to wear. The polyurethane wheels on nylon rims are resistant to many different oils, greases and chemicals. The heavy duty wheels are fitted with polyurethane tyres of GG 25 rims. The heavy duty wheels with counterpressure bearings are non wearing, elastic and have a low rolling resistance. The pneumatic tyres with a single components sheet steel rim also feature low resistance on poor floor conditions, and air cushions mean they do not damage floors. The grey cast wheels feature a plain bearing and can be used at temperatures from –40 °C to +280 °C.


A wheel is just a wheel? Nothing doing! Whether nylon wheels, PU wheels or solid rubber tyres, sheet steel rims, nylon rims or plastic rims – you're guaranteed to find the very wheels you were looking for right on this page. And if you're not quite sure what you want, then just give us a call, we'll be more than happy to help!
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Ex. VAT from 20,80
Ex. VAT from 17,55
Ex. VAT from 9,80
Ex. VAT from 33,60
Tente - Nylon wheel, white
precision ball bearings
Ex. VAT from 13,85
Proroll - PU wheel on aluminium rim
wheel Ø x width 100 x 40 mm
Ex. VAT 23,15
Proroll - PU wheel on aluminium rim
wheel Ø x width 125 x 40 mm
Ex. VAT 46,50
Proroll - PU wheel on aluminium rim
wheel Ø x width 160 x 50 mm
Ex. VAT 49,25
Proroll - PU wheel on aluminium rim
wheel Ø x width 200 x 50 mm
Ex. VAT 57,50
Ex. VAT from 3,75
Solid rubber wheel
roller bearings
Ex. VAT from 4,75
Ex. VAT from 12,55
Ex. VAT from 4,75
Ex. VAT from 4,30
Ex. VAT from 2,55
Ex. VAT from 17,50
Ex. VAT from 5,80
Grey cast iron wheel
plain bearings
Ex. VAT from 12,60
Ex. VAT from 27,60
Wicke - Nylon wheel
reinforced wheel housing
Ex. VAT from 8,70
Nylon wheel
ball bearings
Ex. VAT from 26,55
Ex. VAT from 48,00
Nylon wheel
plain bearings
Ex. VAT from 2,95
Ex. VAT from 19,70
Ex. VAT from 5,40
Ex. VAT from 27,90
Grey cast iron wheel
roller bearings
Ex. VAT from 25,65
Ex. VAT from 5,50
Ex. VAT from 2,15
Ex. VAT from 26,60
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32 items found
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