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Work protection clothing

Protected from hazardous substances and from wind and weather, feeling comfortable, having space to put utensils... work clothing needs to satisfy all sorts of different requirements. But don't worry, our products have no trouble doing that. Find the best protective clothing for your work right here!

In the category Work protection clothing we offer you products of the following brands: JUTEC, 3M.

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You could almost feel sorry for work clothing!

Poor work clothing: you have to satisfy so many different requirements. You are suppose to protect us from wind and weather, be comfortable, provide place to put things, guarantee hygiene, repel dirt, protect us from hazardous substances... and at the same time, you're supposed to look good as well. This is why we could almost feel a bit sorry for you. But only a bit. After all, you were born to multitask – and meanwhile, you come in so many different versions that really everyone will be able to find the perfect work clothing. You too! You just have to know what matters. And we're happy to help you with that.

This is how to find the perfect work clothing

Rule 1: Find your main priorities, because the Swiss army knife of work clothing has, unfortunately, not yet been invented. When, for example, you work in the hospitality industry, then matters like hygiene, and ease-of-care of your work clothing, are very important; if you work in an industrial company, then your choice of work protection clothing is more likely to be based on robustness, water proofing or resistance to wear.

Rule 2: Choose flexibility. Many of our products from the functional clothing or protective clothing category can be adapted to different situations without great effort – be this by means of removable sleeves or additional pockets for even more space to put utensils. Warning and protective jackets, hammer holsters or overalls can be perfectly complemented with our other workplace protection products, such as safety shoes, work gloves, or breathing, eye and hearing protection. Find the product that best suits your needs now!

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