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Height adjustable desks

People used to say: a rolling stone gathers no moss. These days, though, everyone who works an eight-plus hour day in an office knows: if you sit down, you've lost. The solution? Height adjustable desks. It's this easy to turn a sit-down desk into a stand-up desk. A pioneer when it comes to ergonomics... or should we say an ''ergonomic manager''? If you'd like to have more information, you'll find all the advantages of height adjustable desks in a summary here.
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Pedestal desks – they do good because they are good. And ergonomic!
What are all the benefits that electrically height adjustable pedestal desks have to offer? Let's see... have you ever thought about how much time you actually spend sitting at your workplace? Right, too much. Pedestal desks are therefore one of the most significant inventions of recent times when it comes to ergonomics at the workstation. Up and down when and how you want. This constant variation between standing and sitting has a preventative effect against symptoms of fatigue, tensions, neck and back pain... as well as lots of other problems. You'll see: an ergonomic sit-stand desk will bring you all sorts of benefits. Find out about our height adjustable desks now and how they can be optimally combined with many other of our items of office furniture.

Up and down, as often as you like – height adjustable pedestal desks make it possible.
Standing to make a call, sitting to do research, standing to write an e-mail, sitting to draw up plans – an electrically height adjustable sit-stand desk will literally set your work in motion. And that's a good thing, because nowadays ergonomics at the workstation is no longer just ''nice to have'', but rather a ''must have''. Pedestal desks like the UPLINER or the UPLINER 2.0 are absolutely essential, because they adapt optimally to your physical size and height when sitting and standing. The result? More room to move and therefore more comfort when working and higher productivity. They are simply practical and flexible too, because along with different height adjustment settings, you can also choose between different dimensions, materials, shapes, load bearing capacities and a number of other options. And, of course, we also have the matching accessories for your new sit-stand desk among our products. How about an office chair or a roll container? Our height adjustable desks can be extended with additional modules and even complicated combinations comprised of several elements are easy to implement. And when, as an alternative, you simply need a normal desk, then we'll also have the right product for you in our range. Discover them now!
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